20151030 prc instructions for this retreat

30/10/2015 prc instructions for this retreat



^You come into our mind and heart at such times as this whereby is made easy the access one to another.

There are a number of distinct documents to be transferred in these remaining two weeks of the absence of the loved other.

The reinstatement of the formal kneeling to sit in a sustained fashion is a necessary prerequisite. There will be the usual three days of winding down into quiescence.

There is no necessity to leave the home although some exercise appropriate for body maintenance and strength building. The male sex posture is useful as passive isometric. The shoulder muscles will heal. They were significantly damaged in your efforts in recent months. The healing has already proceeded quite far.

It is not necessary to do other than subsist nutritionally. The supplies on hand are more than adequate for the entire duration if supplemented by garden produce.

Sleep as much as is desired. Neither listen to music nor watch video. An exception is the short visit by Claire on Monday.

This is the sole remaining opportunity for transmission this year. There is only perhaps four more years to transfer rather a lot of material. So seize every opportunity. That is all.

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