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P I'm getting the sensation or visualisation experience of as if being something a bit eel-like – surging through the water. A bit like the prow of a boat. And I presume its the possible experience of or similar to the undine – spirit of water in its freedom to move through that medium. I know it's not actually like that and it's perhaps a bit more like the freedom we have to move through fog. It's effortless movement, the water is no barrier. And it's sensing the water condition – freshness, clarity, with a kind of eager intelligence, alertness, joyfully observing, interested, as if it perhaps has some sort of range or territory that it's observing and takes responsibility for monitoring. It feels like a lake. It's not the sea. Clear lake water, cool and fresh. It's lovely. Concerned for the health of the things that live in the water.

I've got the feeling it would be offended and repulsed by dirty water that is contaminated by run-off from -

C They wouldn't like it in New Zealand.

P Well there is quite a lot of pretty good water but some of it's a bit stinky. And a bit poisoned, and it doesn't seem to want that. There is no sense at all of distaste or discomfort with chill. It's all good, no matter what the temperature.

As if able to up every little stream right to its source. As if that's its job. Aware of the other kinds of life in the water but not responsible for them but concerned for their well-being – responsible for the water. Mm, very interesting.

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