19991112 prc wrath of god

12/11/1999 prc wrath of god


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Have been feeling again the vibs and instability that I felt with Janet. Just searched for ‘wrath’ in the www virtual library but found no good refs. It seems to be a very good indicator of ‘stuff going on’, or a presentiment of some sort. Please advise the total implications and present meaning, as well as more on wrath. Is this wrath? If so, why now and me?

>We are very glad you asked that question, for it facilitates the answers. The wrath of God is an energetic phenomenon only. It indicates an external connection to higher levels of your being. It comes with love, and is not meant to annoy or disturb, but to indicate the presence of a willingness on the part of non-physical humans to help physical humans in clear and profound ways to discover the truth about their world and ours. It should not make you afraid, but has made many others afraid during the course of history. It should be understood that it is an enabler, a tool, if it is used right. It should not be worshipped. It should not be confused with other phenomena of the spiritual domain. It should only be loved for its capacity to move your awareness into higher realms, for that is what it is for, and nothing else.

P Why then has its capacity to move people’s state of consciousness caused them fear? What is its innate nature? Why me and why now?

>We wish we could enlighten you more by saying vfeiopsbhfdsiob, but as that is untranslatable we may not. Nevertheless it is a known fact that if one ‘leans into’ rather than leans away from the input, it will enlighten you and your capacity to perceive the intentions of those of us in spirit who wish you no harm, but rather godspeed on your journey down there. In that sense it is a tool to assist you to know yourselves and others in the human domain.

You are about to embark on a long and arduous journey with your friend Janet, for the purpose of entwining yourselves more closely in spirit, for the purpose of obtaining from it what it wills you. This willing from spirit is an entirely gifted process, in the sense that you have been identified as having potential in combination to assist evolution of souls on their journey back to god, or the holy ones, or however you wish to phrase it; the journey home to the light will do for your particular context now. This multi-lifetime process has many elements to it, and each must be achieved for any person to enlighten themselves, as they are able to when sufficient ‘weight’ of information has come to them for their absorption, and they have in fact done so.

This combination we have spoken of, that of Janet and yourself is in the state it is by the decisions skilfully made by you both. It is now in the category of a professional team for specific purpose yet to be revealed in detail to you. In the process each of your flaws are rendered less important therefore less likely to influence the outcome negatively than if either of you decided to attempt such a project single-handed and alone. This is a real strength. We will test you with it by saying now that we love you in combination as we have loved you before, but the combination of you both has greater intrinsic capacity than the simple sum of your individual capacities. Work well then together. We will direct your path and endeavours to best outcome if you will let us. Be still now and know that I am god.

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