20151109 prc ts duty of care

9/11/2015 prc ts duty of care


20151109 T06:50 Last night I came home from Heidi's and immediately went to TS where ?? was speaking on NDE's. He had found online video of Eban Alexander and others being interviewed in separate clips so showed three on the very good new equipment purchased with money from national office for $3000. Unfortunately the sound was poor for unexplainable reasons. Chris Galbraith suggested a system reboot but the did not improve it. The music was loud but the dialogue was variable and sometimes too quiet to hear. So the reboot having failed, I decided to look into the astral rather than being entranced by the picture and saw a dark figure bending over the equipment, I think the Denon video receiver. By an act of will I banished it. The sound returned to normal and did not falter again for the rest of the evening. Afterwards I spoke to ?? and he said he normally invoked protection before a showing but had become distracted during setup so had not returned to that task. I said it was ironic that an organisation claiming knowledge of things spiritual should be so neglectful of such basic self-care that it should be susceptible in these ways. He agreed with me but spoke in hushed tones as if shame or neglect of duty was involved or if such things verged on the sacred and should not be spoken of openly. In contrast, I find an open attitude is simplest. There is no shame applicable, merely awareness of lack of performance of basic duty of care. Because such spiritual interference is easy to malificent disembodied people, it is best to deny access by suitably crafted intention sustained through time and repeated with full intention on each occasion. (see for reference a smartphone's contacts file system wiped as intention to illustrate to a science-indoctinated person the fact of spiritual capacity to interfere with electronic devices: www.agapeschool.org.nz – search for public transcript dated 20131028) I also informed Carol Collier during supper and follow that up to committee with this report so understanding of the simple cause and remedy is made available so appropriate collective action may be routinely taken. That action is most effectively taken by the property owners or those acting by delegated authority and is most effective if extended to the boundaries. A dome of bright golden energy should do it, encompassing the entire property and beneath it but not extending beyond it as legal authority and moral responsibility extends no further. It is best it be clearly defined so as to avoid loss into vague enactment amongst multiple minds.


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