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I had been reading Mary Stewart's book The Crystal Cave (Chap9, p376), when I started feeling unexpectedly emotional. Taking my recorder, the following came:

^We would join you to the roaring earth, wave upon wave, joy upon joy. There has been no barrier, no impediment. The impulses had to come from you, as it has this day. The leys of the land have come before, and will come again to your awareness. The fleet stone has its own vibration. The joys of the emotion, barriered there, carried there, conveyed there, is as it was in the beginning.

There are deep features to be uncovered in that realm as there has been in others, for you. It comes upon the awareness when the awareness is quiet. It comes stealing forth in chill and in joy and in fire and in rain. The cold rain of the North and the warm rain of the South, in those latitudes. In these latitudes, the cold rain of the South and the warm rain of the North. It is as it always has come forth, in joy, in knowing, in love, in acknowledgement of the deepest ways of the earth.

The monuments of the earth have been broken. (deep crying now) They shall be raised again. They have been raised in this land. Go to them. (speechless in grief) And so it is said. And so it be.

P Godfathers (!), what was that all about ???! Well, this little episode was triggered by reading The Crystal Cave, author Mary Stewart, about the standing stones of Britain, and their intended repair. And, I think, Stonehenge, but I'm not sure. It sounds like I have a megalithic background that I was unaware of. Goodness me!

^We come now again in the guise of the normal voice and the normal channel. The origins are as just described, megalithic. The origins of the ancient knowing derive from worship of old gods: Norse gods, Roman gods, Asiatic gods, Christian gods and saints, and still more, indescribable (now). Gods of the valleys and mountains and streams and trees. Superstition, determination to know. And still yet you do not. These are all visualisations and manifestations into sensation deriving from subtle energy flows within this earth as much as within the aether, the spiritual space.

So to disentangle the phenomena of spiritual space from their apparent location in physical space is the task.

The description again of the interpenetration on all levels, the simultaneity of location in the core of every atom of the vibration of the fundamental origin, the indescribable, the frequency domain of spirit being the closest that one can come to being the universal metaphor felt and described across history and across space. The uniformity of belief that can follow from the universal understanding of the origin of physicality in its causal manifestation, is the holy grail that has been sought across centuries. This understanding carries the potential, if not the actuality at any time, of a deepened understanding concerning the distinction between levels of existence. The distinction between levels of life and not-life. The distinction between light and the dark spaces of the earth and the physical domain.

Within that range is conveyable a logical and simple distinction – that of being within one place and one time, a simultaneity of location and a manifestation of a range of effective and functional frequencies. In the same way as the physical domain provides a range of frequencies from the atomics to the mundane rocking horse, with its frequency, so it contains the range from to zero to sixty-five trillion (-thousand. Updated 20140111). That is our metaphor. That is our model. That is our mode of explanation. Enhance it what way you will, it is a simultaneous explanation of all that is.

In that sense it is necessary only to provide a physical manifestation of what was once significant and still significant, the synchronisation between human activity and astrophysical knowledge. By that we mean the measurement of time in the solar day, not the earth day. For the measurement of time of the solar day was a fundamental prerequisite for the harnessing of knowledge in the outer world so as to synchronise agrarian activity to the solar calendar. That being a small part but an essential part to the growth and understanding which led to the riches of fecundity, the crop and the animal herd.

By this simple device it has been provided to know when to do what. And in the agrarian calendar, that was essential knowledge, and the further from the equator, the greater was the need for that knowledge, for the more narrow was the opportunity for harvesting fecundity in the shortening growing season available as latitudes increased away from the equator. Counting the days was not sufficient if the days themselves were misunderstood in terms of their timing significance in relation to the solar calendar.

This is what the standing stones were raised for, on one level. It was that important, that it was given by oversight through mystic vision to the various communities in all lands in support of human progeny. For in just such ways as human animals were dependent upon proper timing to survive the winters in the frozen North, just so it was significant for the animal herds and the planting to be coordinated through that same clock.

Agrarian living has at its fulcrum, knowing what to do when. And if it is laid into tradition and fixed and comes into error, then there must be a reckoning, and adjustment, a measurement, a coordination such that the community is governed with sufficient accuracy to survive.

And so as the flux of weather pattern has undulated through the land, changing the patterns from moist to dry and back again, so also the exploiting communities have moved this way and that so as to earn their greatest harvest.

It has been with you in these days and in those days to know these things, to recognise their importance, their significance and their necessity. And so we show you again. These long archways of time, generation across generation, millennia across millennia, show the variation of human occupancy of places marginal and places fecund, rich with easy living. And those on the margins are attracted to the fecund places for the riches accumulated, to be seized and taken away if not consumed on the spot.

Such is resource wars. It will be a very long time before they are banned!

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