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^Now that the car has sold there are several other priorities for the coming week.

The first is initiation into Wacom Intuos Pro operation, including the completion of the training introduction on DVD, the completion of the exercises on that DVD, at which time a solid foundation for operation of the device itself and the integration of that with the hardware and software will have been completed satisfactorily. That is the first requirement.

Secondly, the trial sketches for the visions given so far can be completed. That will comprise a sufficient work in progress for skill development in the immediate future.

The continuation of that is to comprise a trajectory into mastery of that particular medium. And there a variety of objectives within that such as to enliven the opportunity for sharing of the status of the inner visions, so as to comprise a recognised artist of the spiritual. This will take ten years or thereabouts to gain any local recognition. And within that are a number of sub-goals, being to contribute to the various organisations including our school so as to enable more individuals to encounter the inner space in the way in which we will portray it.

And we say it in that manner because the objective of course is to enable moment by moment by moment inspiration in terms of the artistry to be produced. The prerequisite for that is the mind-body coordination to the level of mastery, so as to enable an easily manipulated skill set by which to convey into the subconscious level and through that into a passively attentive mind and body, so as to simply enable one to watch as the hand works.

By that means, a body of work will be created through you so as to enable our projection into physicality via another medium than words. This is the objective. That is the possibility. It requires your enthusiastic and willing cooperation utilising the skills you have already developed in handing over your body for our use.

There will be several consequences of this which will not be expanded upon at this time. The first thing is the acquisition of the skill set.

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