20181016 prc Illumined condition

I've requested inspirational text by which to inspire competent artists to recreate the vision of Sunday in the meditation group, of Linda in her future ideal condition of being inwardly lit, illuminating her path in tranquillity.
^So we come on this occasion in order to provide some text by which to advertise the potential task able to be adopted by those skilled with paint and brush, or so as to by any other means, engage in the illustrative task of imagining and then bringing into reality, that is, solid physical reality, a representation of that condition of being serenely illumined from within.
Text follows:
There is a condition within humanity by which some few individuals are able to inhabit a condition of peace and tranquillity, such as to produce in them and those around them, a natural transition towards peaceful living. The objective is to so facilitate their life by eliminating all contrary conditions of disharmony and inequality and ma
imise the condition of wise guidance of their life by finding that state within, centred within serenity and tranquillity.
In that state there is, on the subtle and interior levels, a light generated, illuminating their way and perceivable by those around them by their subtle senses. Although traditionally reified into abstraction and idealised and especially seen as indicative of great virtue and used as advertising by religious organisations, it is nevertheless a natural state and arrived at by those who seek it, without necessarily invoking any god.
And so as a consequence of personal choice and seeing that condition as an ideal to be pursued for its own sake, we would describe it in the following way:
Visualisable as an image of a human - and the gender is unimportant - surveying and moving into their life, able to perceive and analyse and make calm all that surrounds them by their own inner calm and inner illumination, which radiates from them spherically so as to illuminate all that surrounds them, thereby enabling it to be perceived in a cool translucent pale blue light. And by either epiphany or continuous awareness, this self-illumined state gives advance warning of every condition around them and before them as they make their way through their life.
And so this condition is suitably illustrated against a dark background of the unknown and
Shapes come into view, indicating physical, mental, emotional or spiritual obstacles and challenges and assistants such as to guide and to open their way. Perceiving clearly, having clarity of mind and vision, understanding all that is required of them and able to perform all tasks unperturbed, theirs is an illumined life, made possible by their maximised growth.
And not growth into stature or condition requiring awe on the part of anyone else, but in humility and tranquillity, alert intelligence and perceptiveness, they are merely competent in engaging with their life. It is a condition not to be reified, but realised as the birthright of every born individual at some point in their series of lives. Perhaps representing an apex of achievement, it is a worthwhile goal for every human.