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P ^To continue from before, earlier this day:

So the over-arching goal of the consciousness atom is to act not only for itself but also its brethren, and we use the term brethren in a particular sense in which, as has been alluded to before, the status of every consciousness atom is identical to every other. And so the term brethren has been used historically to indicate the state of equality and fraternity, which is a relationship of peers. In that sense the term brethren is inexact in the sense that that term has other meanings in the context of the English language. Nevertheless that is its intended meaning in this context. And so each has the potential to contribute an equally valued morsel of experience to the larger whole. That is not necessarily what is accrued from the round of lives in terms of their content and yet whatever content is accrued is equally valued.

So the qualities of experience which are garnered from incarnation are themselves a subset of a larger whole, as we have alluded to by our initial comment on the variety of realms of experience for the consciousness atom. Whatever is experienced is grist for the mill of mature consciousness on the level of the whole entity, for it is its task to distil and blend that experience in a way useful to it. Again, in that sense, every item of experience is equally valuable in that context because it cannot, through the context of freewill, it cannot be determined in advance what is more valuable than anything else, because there are so many other aspects accumulating experience and it is only subsequently that there can be a processing of that. Not that there is necessarily any determination that one item of experience is of higher or lower value than any other item, it is more statistically evaluated than that and within the context of the order of a million lifetimes of experience there cannot help but be considerable overlap and duplication. That duplication itself, in the statistical sense, is then potentially able to indicate significance through accumulated record. And so it is from this context that every aspect of experience is valuable.

Therefore within the context of an ordinary embodied life everything that one accumulates is valuable. Every act, every thought, every feeling is valuable. None of it is wasted time or wasted experience and therefore the reflection on experience is also valuable, for the act of reflecting is to partially process the experience within the lifetime for its significance and in order to separate out and illuminate one part by another for meaning and patterns of context.

So all of this work of the life is a process by which the individual can communicate with itself and prepare for communication with its peers, its brethren, individual other fragments, in terms of its cumulative intention to assign value to experience, to distil that experience for repetition and redundancy, process it in statistical terms as well as for the clarification of its pattern and meaning in order to eventually present that back into the body of Christ, of God, of the Tao, of accumulated Oneness, all these terms being equivalent, in order to fulfil their obligation of individuation. So this is the larger context.

P Well that seems to be that.

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