19981211 prc training course

11/12/1998 prc training course


1998.12.11 12:13

P And what is our business today?

>We wish to transfer the remainder of the healing booklet to you today. Will you allow this?

P I will do my best by way of attention and compliance to your wishes.

>Good. Begin now.

The final part of the booklet begins as follows:

The fourth attribute necessarily adopted by the aspiring healer is that of willingness to act only when guided to do so, and leaving other impulses for action in abeyance for the duration of the healing action time. This requirement brings the intentions of the incarnate individual most in conflict with the healing guide, as there are at any moment many possible and actual impulses for action racing around in the brain of an incarnate person. These must be resisted by an acknowledged technique, that of meditation, which involves the procedure of stilling the body and mind (in most such traditions) with a view to eliminating reaction from the inner impulses, and so coming to a state of inner quietude.

Practice in attaining such a state is extremely useful to the aspiring healer, as in such states are best conveyed to them the instructions of the guide. For this purpose, the healing guide waits in anticipation of the growing skill level of their chosen recipient for instruction in healing, and shows them at every opportunity what may be achieved by their active cooperation.

In these and other ways the relationship is progressively built up, sometimes over many years, to maximise the capacity of the incarnate individual who has chosen to promote the way of healing into their lives and the lives of others who may choose it to benefit themselves in their body, mind and spirit. For although in one sense the spirit is never sick or confused, that does not preclude their inspirational learning, for souls progress too, just not as fast as individual personalities developed during incarnation. Theirs is a multi-lifetime framework for acquiring knowledge and skills, and attributes for manifestation and choice in the physical domain.

It is with these words we conclude the healing booklet. All good things come to an end. The responsibility is now yours to make it real and physical.

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