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3/02/2011 prcjlogrb agenda 2011_community service


19:33 (initial discussion untranscribed)


J We have been welcomed here and I would like to address those who come from the spirit realms and thank them for their presence. And I would like to articulate our intention to be present on the same level as those who come from the spirit realm in order that we might hear more clearly the communications that are directed towards us. I give thinks for opportunity to gather together again an will away the slight dis-ease brought into the circle by such long estrangement. I would ask that you focus your loving form an open heart towards the centre of the circle and allow the energies to mingle and multiply, creating a circle of light that functions to attract those from the high realms and also those from the planetary realm who are in need of spiritual upliftment. And I ask that those who stand beyond the circle draw nearer to us and speak to us in turn, assisting our growth and our ability to be of aid to others beyond this circle. …


J Peter, are you aware of a presence?

P I just became aware as you spoke. The impression I have is of somebody in front of me and as if extending a gentle hand towards me and with the impression that:

^We love you and we would not hurt you. The option of this day is to give greetings, to establish the modus operandi for the year, to continue the good work of previous years, to extend welcome to all of those in body and in spirit who may find solace here. For that is the intention, to bring into a location of concentrated peace and harmony those who, relatively speaking, lack that to some degree. And it is our privilege to join you and we find here harmony to a high degree and peaceful intentions and love extended towards us. We give thanks for that and appreciate it and would reciprocate in kind. Our heart is with you. Our warm and loving regard goes with you everywhere you are. And in this small gathering we find strong, intelligent and wilful people gathered for joint purpose to serve. To serve first each other as well as yourselves, as well as the wider community to the extent that you are able. We would enlarge and accelerate the degree to which you are able. That is our role and that is our intention in your support and through you reflected out into your wider community for the purpose of bringing health and healing and love, fostered to those around you.

The reach of a group comprising small numbers, as in this instance, is necessarily limited in terms of the emotional conveyance one to another out into the friends and family that surround each who are present here. The extension beyond that can be achieved spiritually rather than emotionally, for that is of limited range. We have attended to your initiatives in the last year in terms of relieving those in occupancy within a variety of venues in this region, by which we primarily mean cemeteries. There are others at large within the community, drawn naturally to different places, locations, families, loved ones from whom they have departed as well as a random dissociated element, compulsive, operating independently and perhaps describable by the term of being of roguish nature in the elements of meaning related to disconnection from family and community. Unattached to specific others, merely expressing their impulses in ways which sometimes impact negatively upon the community at large. And so by this description we draw your attention to that range of individuals in spirit still present amongst you.

We have as our agenda a community service of not only attending to the compassionate direction of these individuals present here this night and a small number of others in this community, but also to reach out into the wider community of this country to the extent that our intention is facilitated through groups such as this. So by this we seek your cooperation and will have more to say on another night concerning the options and possibilities which we bring present here. We leave with our blessings left amongst you and would depart now.

J We give thanks for your presence. A time to shuffle and share?

P Yes I think so.

J Have there been other impressions? Visitors?

P The impression I had at the beginning of that was extreme gentleness and extreme care. It was just beautiful.

J I had a presence that talked about the shaman and the fact that we all have the seed of the shaman within us. They spoke of a shamanic streak.

P Really? What colour was that? ;-)

J Greyish, foggyish. ;-)

R It's not one where you take off your clothes? ;-)

J That would certainly gain attention, wouldn't it! ;-) That every individual who recognises the spiritual aspect of their life is to an extent a shaman. Those who proclaim their shamanic ability or role are at risk of abuse of spiritual influence. Citing the shamans of various cultures, usually primitive cultures and that spiritual influence of course comes in all shades, the purest form being intent on assisting others and the most negative from being self-gratification and all shades in between. It was quite strange but along those lines. There was a strong influence about in primitive cultures where people establish themselves as a shaman, set up practice, it was very much a power play thing.

P And with an element of egoic gratification there and potentially exploitation.

J&Pm Mm.

Pm A sense of superiority of knowledge which is like the priests etc.

J One line of thought was of people who do great things. The idea was we are just bodies and bodies being used to express the spirit, not just ours but greater spirits. You get people like great athletes and they acknowledge it as being not of their doing so much as a gift from spirit, they are able to transmit that spirit to inspire others and its dome without fanfare so they don't proclaim themselves as shamans, but effectively they are. Anyway, so those were the ramblings.

R That's interesting.

P That's a dimension of service to the community that I wouldn't have thought of. That of being an exemplar.

J Mm, that's a good word for it.

Pm In other words being, not doing.

P Mm, it's a combination of both of those, really.

Pm When you're being, it's coming from within you, expressing the spirituality of you, your soul purpose. Doing is putting it into practice. But it can then become how others might see it. Or it can lose that finer point and we often don’t realise how another perceives that but it can be the greatest gift they've ever had, just by sharing a moment with you and feeling that energy. Not everything has to be vocalised.

P Mm, that reminds me of the idea of inspirational art and how others can derive benefit from that. And so the individual artist working in whatever medium can be acting from the core of their being in creating whatever form it is which others can be constructively influenced by.

J And interestingly they are rarely recognised within their own lifetime so they don't get a great deal of egoic gratification. Heidi, what's going through your mind?

H Not much, and a lot. It's kind of swirling around. It was mostly colours I saw in patterns and then an input of something about doing, helping, giving out. So that I think goes with the shamanic theme for the evening.

R I remember something Stuart Wilde said or wrote about holy men or spiritually people who could walk through a village in India or wherever and raise the vibration of the village just by walking through and having some contact with the people. So the idea of people with a raised vibration, as they come into contact with other, it emanates out and has an influence.

J And you're saying that energy comes from spirit?

R It may do. It's something inherent in people who have raised their vibration and more spiritually aware. I'm not sure what it its, maybe it's the love that they express. And I've noticed in a few people who have a very loving nature or who somehow, if I've had contact with them I feel uplifted or feel better, happier. So they have that positive influence.

P That's the quality of their emanation.

J It makes me think about the times I run around like a little black cloud, emanating lots of negative energy ;-(

R Mm, I'm sure we all do.

Pm It makes the times when we don't very special. It feels very uplifting. Without that comparison we're not aware of it.

J I guess :-) Can anyone articulate a purpose for another session of group meditation? Is there something we need to know, specifically?

Pm Maybe we should just open ourselves to receive what those who are with us are seeking to either impart or to grow with or through us in our way?

P I think my question would be 'in what way may we allow ourselves to be moved and receive the means by which we may take the intention articulated earlier out into the community in the most efficient and effective way? What is the feeling which supports that or the combinations of feelings and action which supports that? I'm very aware that we all live busy and emotionally involved lives. What would it take to extend on that?

J I hear the refrain of 'hold within your awareness the knowledge that you are a spiritual being. That you brought into this world at your creation the essence of spirit which you may use to reconnect yourself with those beyond this world. The mundanity of existence, the demands and pressures to further existence can overwhelm the memory of your spiritual being and the recognition that you have a purpose being here. We recommend that you hold in awareness the joy and love of spirit.

R The word mindfulness came up for me in hold as you said, holding the awareness fo our spiritual nature.

J That's nice simple way of saying it, mindfulness.

P For me, sympathetic joy came up. ...


P … We're nearly at time. Perhaps we could share a little about what's been going on this evening? Especially, how have you been getting on, Jan?

J I have a few turmoils in my life at the moment and it was nice to eventually find some total peace.

P Good. Heidi?

H Very little.

P Only your colours and movement.

J Patterns.

H Oh, yes, lots of beautiful patterns and colours going through it, yes.

P I once sent you a query concerning the possibility of your interpretation of that into a symbolic language of shape and colour because I suspect it is a very high-level language that's being shared with you. And I'd like to have a conversation with you about that at some point.

H Sure. It just doesn't - they don't translate it to me so I don't know what it is ;-) It's very beautiful. It's very peaceful, calming.

J Significant to you?

H No, it just is. But I wish I could photograph it or draw it because it is so beautiful. It doesn't last long then it's something else. So I don;'t know what it is. Regarding community the only thought that I had and it won't go away, it seems too silly for words -

P Are you prejudging, by any chance? ;-)

H Yeah ;-) But it's been said in every language and every -

P All the more significant, Heidi.

H I couldn't see ourselves standing on the corner somewhere handing out leaflets and preaching and saying “please be with me, I represent love and I want to give you love. It's not my scenario! ;-) I'm too old for that, I'd get picked up for loitering ;-)

P Pushing your buttons by any chance? ;-)

H Yeah, I've missed my opportunities there. ;-) But, just one person a day. And years ago I read something about if just one person will breathe easier at the end of the day because of what you did or said or behaved, that is to have succeeded. I've thought a lot about that since and thought “that's not a big task, is it? Just one person a day? But it just came in my mind now. To give a complement, phone just because of saying hello (rather than for a task).

P Yes. I find that very helpful as a reminder, Heidi, because that's not in my mind. And it's the right kind of scale, a human do-able scale. So it's unlikely anybody would perceive that as being beyond them. Thank you.

H Thank you. It seems so silly.

P That's just your pre-judgement at work, Heidi. Pamela?


Pm I'm coming. :-) (surfacing out of deep meditation)

P It has been very interesting to sit here alongside you, bathed in your aura and feel the emanations of peace and tranquillity that surround you.

Pm Thank you. And that sums up exactly what a shaman is. It's our energy that communes to another person. And really in very small ways and like you were just saying, Heidi, sometimes we allow another person's manner to dictate how we respond instead of allowing ourselves to stay within our peacefulness and where they give you a grump, you give them a smile. And things like that. It's just the offering of the soul, really. Otherwise I've just been wafting very nicely, thank you. Like you, I've just been enjoying -

P Yes and me too. The opportunity to reach unusually intense 'not doing.' The really subtle gentle tender states that one might experience just before going to sleep or waking up, but to have that present in fully awake awareness to me is very special. And that to me is one of the things that has been somewhat absent in these weeks that we've been not meeting. And I forget after a few weeks just how lovely it is. So thank you for that. Richard?

J I agree with you.

R When I first arrives I was feeling quite tired and I drifted somewhat but then I gradually woke up and felt that I was thinking clearer. Mindfulness is my word for the night and it gives me a lot of guidance as to how I approach what I do every day and interactions with other people and spiritual awareness and so on.

P Janet?

J (response in audible as she had been constantly fiddling with her microphone)

P Can I just seize this moment for a little input?

J No ;-)

P When one sits and fiddles with a very sensitive microphone -

J Sorry ;-(

P - the effect of that is mixed with all of the other channels - ;-)

Pm Be mindful ;-)

P - and it can completely masks what anybody else is saying and it makes it very difficult to transcribe.

H How do transcribe the scratching noise ;-)

P With great difficulty! ;-)

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