20101005 prc puzzle for analysis_events in extra-normal realities

5/10/2010 prc puzzle for analysis_events in extra-normal realities


Monday 01:01

Have finally woken after apparently receiving some kind of download of a conundrum or combinatorial event manifesting simultaneously in different realities.

I have in my awareness a confused picture of several simultaneous constructs, perhaps, and I'll try and describe the different parts in as clear a way as I can, in order to began to pick apart the components of them.

I think this is an example of a kind of event which has happened in recent years and could even relate to the puzzling nature of the situation with Carolyn Longden's eye infection and rather non-standard trajectory as a healing event. I'll just begin by briefly recapping on that.

At the beginning of the onset of that discomfort in her left eye, she had a perception of some sort of needle-like shape sticking out of her eye, and as if, and we didn't discuss this with great clarity, but as if there were in a non-physical reality, perhaps, some sort of needle-shaped something had been poked into her eye or was simultaneously present, or whatever. And that seemed to constitute the origin of what rapidly became a serious infection in her eye, for which she has been in hospital over the weekend and since maybe Thursday, after the initial event brought her to Waikato Hospital on Monday morning from Te Kuiti. She was having significant pain even though the apparent infection has been cleared up by ½ hourly drops of pupil dilator and antibiotic treatment in the form of eye drops.

So that is a real and practical potential illustration, inflicting serious pain and inability to work on somebody who has physically had nothing go into their body. The medical staff and specialists remain confused and the scrapings from her eye surface remain indeterminate as there seems to be no organic agent identifiable from the bacterial cultures attempted to be grown from the samples from the exterior surface of her eyeball in the region of her pupil and iris. So that's that event.

This day I have felt quite tired and worked this morning to produce a sign for the exterior of my home so as to identify it as the registered office of AgapeSchoolinz, using InDesign software. The latter half of the day I have watched a movie and generally responded to the apparent internal injunction “we've been trying to get you to rest.” Well I had no idea why, and I think this puzzle that has apparently been downloaded into my mind as I have slept, is the reason why, as I've had now something like 4 hours sleep and woken with this conundrum seriously exercising my ability to untangle it.

It seems to be in the category of a multi-layered puzzle, and I'll begin the first level of description:

There is an animal, not of this physical reality which has somehow intersected with my body in this physical reality. And I think this is a theoretical description, it's not a practical reality for my this-body at this-time, but an example of this class of complex interaction between realities.

The animal has somehow fallen and impacted my back in the lower – generally in the middle around the waist, lets say. The result is back-pain, presumably in this example, for which there is no apparent or obvious physical cause. I guess an enervation, an apparently baseless enervation afflicting, theoretically, a physical body such as I possess currently.

The challenge seems to be to unravel a different layer of reality in such a way as to explain the baseless enervation and potentially crippling effects on the current body by postulating, at least theoretically, the interaction with the present physical reality and the different level of reality with which it has interacted. Now, some of the detail of this is quite rapidly slipping away from me and I'm having difficulty holding it together.

What this reminds me of is the example when Janet Oliver had a very bad day at the Wintec office in attempting to use, with great difficulty, a photocopier, and somehow she kept scrambling the programs and it would not function properly and had to be repeatedly reset, I think, restarted or something, I forget the detail. And she could not make it do what it would ordinarily make it do without difficulty as she had demonstrated on other days. So she was trying to do something familiar, (but) she couldn't do it. She found that extremely frustrating, or course, and confused other staff and it was a disturbing event on that day for her. When she got to the meditation group on the Thursday evening, there was a very strange event in which Richard and I acted together with her under the guidance of those who actually run that group, and it was somehow lifted from her and subsequently identified as what has historically been labelled an affliction by a werewolf, and what I think, and going from memory, was described as some creature from a different system of reality having collided, as it were, with her in this reality, having intruded in this reality of her let's say electro-spiritual space-time identity, in such a way as to bring present into this space-time physical reality, an identity with the capacity to disrupt programmable electrical devices such as this photocopier. And so that identity was disentangled from her and she has not spoken of any disruption to electronic equipment around her in that way again.

So at this point I'm not quite clear whether this was a download about that class of interaction between systems of reality; whether it was a dream featuring that class of interaction because there was other dream content, I think, which perhaps was triggered by this class of issue; or whether it was only a dream. And yet it has had, and this event is almost in the past for me now, the quality of a puzzle to be un-encoded and used as a means of clarifying a class of abnormal and therefore puzzling combinatorial events between or resulting from the collision between systems of reality impinging on one another, in a way in which they normally do not. And I presume that this is an exercise of some kind in perhaps assessing my capacity to deal with this class of issue as well as explain that class of issue by the perceptions which I have received, and potentially form a practical explanatory exercise for the category of event currently afflicting my friend Carolyn. So the next question is, what to do when that category of event occurs? How is it resolvable?

And of course I don't know the answer to that and it may well be different in different circumstances with different events, because I have no reason to think that this is subject to universal remedy but is merely referring to a class of situations in which the individual detail is a variable between cases, therefore the potential path to resolution or specific action is a variable between cases also. And I may be getting some words here:

^So we come among you on this occasion in order to exercise the speculative and analytical capacity of this one in order to, as he has suspected through now long experience of this class of presented issue and actual and repeated involvement in the process, of testing not only the receptive but also the analytical functions he possesses, with the presentation of yet another example for understanding and analysis. We do this for a variety for reasons which we will now elucidate:

The first is, cryptic events afflicting an individual are sometimes the product of exactly this category of misplaced experience, whereby systems of reality collide. The term collide is perhaps extreme, so there is a range of product in the interaction of systems of reality that can manifest in a wide variety of both intensity or degree of influence in the physical domain and any person within it.

The cryptic nature of these interactions are part of the study material of anomalous experience. These categories of anomalous experience have a long history as the objects of curiosity and confusion in the domain of the human in physical reality. These cryptic phenomena are also present in the domain of the disembodied human and constitute a rare class of conjunction between systems of reality. And so in this instance what is being considered here is a class of issue or perhaps problem which occasionally impinges into the physical domain, the realm of consensual understanding by the embodied human. It also extends into, although it manifests differently, within the realm of disembodied humanity, which is one degree of contention away from ordinary physical reality, and represents a class of issue which thereby extends between the two domains from interactions with yet other systems of reality which are again contentious. So this is a manifestation of the doubly contentious, if we may phrase it in such a way.

That therefore makes any properties of explanation similarly contentious precisely because not only the realm within which explanation is sought is not agreed upon, so therefore to seek explanation or make reference to other systems of reality, each of which are themselves separate from and therefore contentious within the physical domain of manifested reality, ephemeral and therefore confusing, and therefore subject to debate and aspersion being cast upon the experiencer of such event, let alone anybody who tries to explain such events. They commonly represent intrusion of the invisible into the invisible, affecting the visible or at least the experiential aspects of functioning within the physical domain and human bodies. Occasionally they affect non-human bodies and can give rise to puzzling behaviour on the part of other species.

So there are multiple dimensions of interaction and manifestation being referred to in this discussion.

That being the case, the parameters of explanation are inevitably vague. There is nothing we can do about this except to begin at the beginning in the sense of making distinctions between not only the everywhere evident aspects of physical reality and much less evident systems of reality. And so we begin.

The case in point is a manifestation of an interaction between two systems of reality. An event in one being the collision between an identity functioning with perfect validity and a manifestation of life in one system of reality connecting with or intruding upon a manifestation of life in another system of reality, in this case the physical.

P (the previous recording was interrupted by low batteries on the Sony digital recorder, so I'll attempt to get back to what was being described at that time.)

^And so we continue where we left off in the consideration of the category or class of interaction between systems of domains representing intrusion of one system of reality into another with cryptic events and consequences and their attempted unravelling and explanation by way of a description of those alternate domains of reality, and the potential for and occasional manifestation of such events.

And so the nature being referred to is validly considered as nature or natural within the realm of physically embodied humanity in the normal space-time continuum. The term nature or natural can simultaneously and with equal validity be applied to the alternate systems of reality, whatever they may be, and also the matter or event, cryptic though it may be, of occasional and cryptic interaction between these systems of nature. And we elect to invoke the term nature as a deliberate counterpoint now endemic within humanity when considering reality as natural, versus other systems of reality being unnatural or having somehow less validity than the ordinary experiential domain of the embodied human.

By this of course we point to the fact of the extremely limited perceptual systems, in terms of their breadth of sensitivity in various categories of experience, and we will use the common narrow-band sensing system of the human eye as an example of that.

As is well known, the wavelength sensitivity of the human eye currently being in the range (and approximately) 380-720 or thereabouts nanometres of sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation in the form of light, impinging upon the retina containing the 3 or 4 rod types or cone types comprising the cellular function within the retina, thereby enabling the transmittal of information from the domain of electromagnetic phenomena into the phenomena of perception within the human brain. And that is a very narrow wave-band. There are events occurring constantly in the electromagnetic spectrum at wavelength ranges other than that sensed by the human eye. In the same way, all physiological sensing systems connected to the human brain are similarly band-limited, if we can use that form of reference.

So therefore it is tenable to expect that there will be events outside of those narrow-band sensing systems which intrude upon the combinatorial sensing systems of the human in a similar manner to overtones or sub-harmonics as up- or down-shifted resonance patterns, if one might use that term, which are vaguely sensed within the human sensing system band-limits, but which are not directly perceptible by them. And because they are derived from out of band phenomena, they represent vague events for which there is commonly a perception that 'this is something which I am sensing with limited reality and hence limited capacity to explain.

So that is one parameter to the issue of explanation, and that is one reason for the events being cryptic. They are not directly manifested within the limited waveband sensing capacity of the human multi-domain sensing systems, therefore they do not constitute phenomena for the formation of consensual reality in the domain of the human.

Therefore it is perfectly possible for, lets use the example of a projectile in one domain of reality, manifesting as a poorly perceivable phenomenon, with cryptic and non-reproducible results in the time and space-domain embodied human.

This is sufficient at this point by which to refer to a class of perceptual exercise as well as a class, and a cryptic class, of phenomena exercising the minds of the human in this domain.

P Mm, that seems to be that. [end]

Speculation added at transcription: Is this a model of perception sufficient to explain the non-reproducibility of spiritual phenomena, hence its non-acceptance within the realm of science?

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