20210304 prc 0.6m cube construction feedback

We have this opportunity for a commentary upon progress to date with the 0.6m cube model. The quest for perfection is unlikely to be met. It is a prototy
e. Perfection is not required.
Fastening the bifurcating sheet with screws is entirely adequate.
The connection into the space for illumination can be anywhere, but not the base.
The proposed structure whereby access is through the base is optimal. The two parts need not be fastened one to the other, as gravity is sufficient.
So all parts of the structure can be fastened into the acrylic enclosure.
Exact form is an ideal adequately approached at this point. The form is indicative not exact, even in principle.
The essential feature is the relationship of orientation to the human and to every human individually. Therefore the entire human population is enclosed within that volume. The centralising tendency means that many or perhaps even most tracks of ascension approximate that bisecting sheet, but not all.
The scale is such as to conceptually proportion an individual as completely microscopic and approximating the molecular
. And even that is a metaphorical reference, rather than literal, as there is no physical reality in the environment of the field of first cause.
Nevertheless the utility of the structure is to help in the perceptibility of the transition from the establishment of being 'cast from the Dao', to use that language, and electing to begin the transition.
Oh; jeepers!
(this recording was perhaps interrupted by visitor arrival?)