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24/02/2011 prcjlogrb heidi_darkness dweller


19:30 (initial conversation not transcribed)

P Let's perhaps settle quietly and cast around for perceptual input. … And as our thoughts come to rest, perhaps we can join together at the heart level and seek to ascend on the hara level and rise up in unison to beyond our expectations and touch serenity. …


Heidi, there seems to be somebody with you.

H Mm, welcome. I'm not aware of it.

P The impression I have is of a tall figure on your right hand side as if inclined towards you. I think they want to say some things to you.

H Ok, can you speak through Peter? Is there something that you -

P ^We come to minister to our loved brethren. We come to allocate peace, serenity, acceptance and particularly acceptance of the condition of loss. The magnitude of the loss is only just short of overwhelming. The intensity of the felt loss is such as to bring this one to her knees. And we mean that in a literal sense as as emotional and metaphorical. The desire we would share is to acknowledge, in its full intensity, in its full magnitude, in full understanding that the opportunity for cohabitating with the loved person, in this instance Tony, currently so named, has run its course. We know you know this. We know also that you cling to hope. At this point unreal hope is unrealistic and we would merely spread before you the welcome mat to understanding, the absorbent surface for your residual tears, for you have shed most of them. We know you know this. The residue is small now and so by saying this we bring hope that the felt grief is declining and that you have it within you to endure the small remainder and come to acceptance. In the worst times it does not feel like this. We know and so we way to you understand that the worst is over. These things are not wrong. Yours has been a close and very loving association with a dear friend long parted from before you meet again in this life for special purpose, the establishment of a life together again with one dearly loved from before, and before that several times. So the recognition was the basis of the life lived together. The establishment of the in depth understanding of what it is to be in love, in partnership, in relationship, in endured challenges to partnership and relationship and now loss of partnership and relationship. In terms of the manifested personality which you had come to love again does not obscure the strength of the link to the identity that you know at a deeper level and whom you know loves you just as intensely as you love him.

And so remind you of these things to enable your fortitude to grow as a result of the acknowledgement and the understanding that these feel like dark days. The feeling on one level is a mirage, a manifestation from the present personality to that other manifested personality. And so we would remind you and direct you towards the level on which these peripheral things do not exist. That the connection is as strong as it ever was. The spiritual identity is unchanged in any destructive way, rather is strengthened with a joint sense of purpose currently being manifested. And so in your dark times when your grief overwhelms you, remind yourself on the conscious level, this is superficial. The deeper layer endure because is absent so nothing that happens within the realm of time can change that. With these words we attempt some relief for your anguish. Go in peace.

H Thank you. …

P I've got a strange phenomenon going on on my far left, where there seems to be some subtle activity there with the as if throwing a lifeline into the ring. I think that's the metaphor. Or as if periodically projecting a line into the space between us so as to attract our attention.

R Can we talk to the entity or whatever it may be?

P I don't know. There's just a sense of watchfulness, as if we have taken the bait. It's a bit like casting a fishing line out into the pool.

R Mm.

P And so I think it's something that sees itself in that role. Well, instead it reeling us in perhaps we should reel it in and see what comes forth?

R Mm

P The first impression I get is through the phrase “well that's an ugly son-of-a-bitch!” And a sense of approaching presence of some magnitude creating the impression as of being looming over and and wanting to create the impression of inviolability and awesome power. And I think it's just a pretence. Which seems to have deflated it quite a lot. :-)

R Was it the ugly son-of-a-bitch?

P Yes. :-) I think it's all about impression management or to gain advantage. I have an impression of kind of sticky heat emanating from it.

H Have you any impression of purpose of the visit.

P Yes, I'd call it malevolent. At least wanting to create that impression. And that seemed to decrease that sense of heat. It's a master of creating impressions, I think. I'd like to see the truth unadorned as to this identity. There's a quality as if a spider waiting in a lair to pounce upon the unwary caught in the web. So I would say, come out and show yourself. We wish you no harm. Not wanting to come voluntarily. I think the metaphor of reeling it in might be effective. It presents as a somewhat ugly, lumpy looking thing, somewhat reminiscent of insect shapes. And I seem to get a response “you have unmasked me.”

H And how does it feel about that?

P Slightly regretful.

H And what is behind the mask?

P I would say a timorous little man.

H Carrying a lot of pain and resentment?

P I think not particularly. Habituated to its condition, seeking sustenance in a sense.

R Sustenance being an afraid reaction?

P Just a belief about what is required on this level, I think.

E What is one to do if one can do nothing? And the answer is, to generate fantasy. And I discover that fantasy in this place serves as a tool for creating apparent power. And that brings me satisfaction, for I have little history of experience of power.

R Are you a disembodied soul waiting to return?

E I know not what I am. I thought I knew but now I recognise that I do not.

R Were you a living being on the physical plane as we are?

E You seem familiar to me. I expect I was something similar although quite what now escapes me.

R How long have you been in this condition?

E There is no time here. It could be ten thousand years, it could be a thousand years, it could be one year. I really don't know. The connection to a plane in which time exists is all but forgotten for me.

R Are there others of your kind or do you remember being with other physical beings?

E No.

R What would you like to do?

E I find myself strangely stirred in ways unfamiliar.

H Is that because you no longer have your mask?

E No, to interact with apparent equals rather than craven failures. It's inconsistent with the role I have been using since beyond I can recall.

R There may be others from beyond the time you do not remember well. Who would welcome you back into their fold?

E I have no recognition of that concept.

R As you look around, do you perceive any light, any area where there is light?

E Darkness is my domain.

R Then look for light. Expect to see it. What do you see?

E I see only you. A strange presentation, a dimly observed strange smooth shape that looks unfamiliar to me. Are you edible? May I take from you?

R You may take love from us.

E What is that?

R It is an emotional condition of appreciation and regard, warmth of feeling and respect.

E You invoke strange concepts. Are we alone, you and I?

R There are two other entities here, one through whom you speak to me and one other.

E Why do I not observe them?

R Broaden your perception. Expect to see them.

E I do not. Do you lie to me?

R I do not lie to you.

E How can this be? My perception is accurate.

R I don't know. But you are speaking to me through one other similar to me. But we offer you the utmost respect for who and what you are and the way you choose to be. And we are interested in the fact that you attracted our attention.

E I was fishing.

R Yes indeed. And you are communicating with us and we offer what help we can.

E I do not believe I need help.

R Then we offer you love.

E I do not recognise that currency. How do you trade it?

R It is not traded and it is freely given by those who wish to do so. And as I defined it before it is a complex of respect and warmth of feeling. We wish you no harm and we wish you well in your existence.

E I think you will eat you up.

R Mm-mm. And I think you will get indigestion.

E How can you be resistant like this? There have been so may others who have had no resistance. Who have run in fear. It was such fun. I frightened them beyond belief.

R Then perhaps we offer you something different for your entertainment.

E Yes, but what?

R The offering is love and respect for who and what you are. We wish you no harm.

E There is another!

R So you see another of us?

E And a third!

R Your perception is widening. Well done! Is there any familiarity about us?

E None. You are strange colours.

R Then look about you and see what else you may see. Broaden your perception. Look for light.

E What is that!!!

R What do you see?

E Strange! I feel weighed down by this strong -

R What is it that you perceive?

E I feel blinded. I feel weak.

R Then go towards that light and embrace it. It will give you more joy than you have ever imagined.

P Bloody hell!! What it felt was surrender.

R Surrender?

P At the inevitability of the light. Very strange!

R So do you think it was some sort of formerly physical being in limbo?

P It seemed to have some degree of intelligence. It didn't seem to be recognisably human but it was really hard to say.

H Is it possible it was what we call an alien?

P Pass :-) It didn't have any love. It really couldn't understand that concept at all.

H We don't know if aliens do have love, do we?

R I haven't met enough to really know. ;-)

P I think so. But I think it depends. There is diversity and some certainly do. But I've had interactions a long time ago now with some and it's hard to know that the impression given is suitably matched to the expectations of the recipient. So if you expect to see aliens then that is what is projected towards you as an impression so as to meet your expectations. What the truth is, I have no idea! Entities who say we're from this star system or that star system, Pleiedian etc. But maybe 15-20 years ago there was residues of stories coming out of Switzerland and discussion with residents claiming to be from these different star systems. Well what the truth is I have no idea! I read some of the books and though, well -

R There was Roswell in the States, too.

P No idea about that stuff. I mean, people just make stuff up. And it's really hard to get any clue from this distance. They get to sell books. :-)

H If we have no point of reference then we make it up to have a reference that means something to us. Invent it.

P Yes, exactly! The impression – it was so clear, the strength of the impressions. Did you guys get any sense of the impressions it was sending?

R No. Well maybe very subtle.

P It was quite subtle but strong subtle at some times.

R The only thing I noticed was that when it seemed to back off, if you like, and then it perceived the three of us, thee was a slight change then. But that's really all I could say.

P I think it was quite thoroughly caught up in its own internal reality and had some beliefs about its nature and had some quite potent capacity to project a kind of menacing. The impression could have been that it was enormous in influence and a big round dark menacing influence that it was projecting. And when I didn't buy that it just all shrank away down to 10% of that. It was strong!

H Is that when he dropped his mask?

P Yes. And then there was this other impression of this lumpy kind of appearance which could be interpreted as insect-like or something along those lines. But again, it seemed to be just a projected image rather then the reality of it. Very strange!

R And yet when we invoked light, eventually it seemed to go towards it.

P It was engulfed. It got so bright! It's quite a while since I've had the sense of such intensity of light. And it was completely overwhelmed and absorbed by that and it just gave up and surrendered because it had no choice. That was the impression that I had. Or at least that was its reaction.

H At he beginning it was all dark but then he saw us as colours.

P At that point my own point of perception seemed to be thoroughly within its perspective and I could see these big quite light coloured, not pure white but slightly wispy but moderately bright egg-shaped sort of things. That was the impression I got. And I think I was looking towards where you were at that time. And it had no clue what to make of us. No recognition, no understanding or acknowledgement of what on earth we were. And then was completely overwhelmed by this.

R I wonder if just as human souls can get in limbo, get stuck, I wonder if whatever it was, was stuck in limbo too and it came unstuck and went off to whatever group soul or whatever?

P Yeah, the impression I had was that from that domain it was just grabbed, like “you’re outa here!” was the impression I had of the intensity behind the volume of light. It was a huge flow.

R So was it taken home or thrown home? ;-) It would be interesting to know. I wonder if we can ask that question from whoever happens to be around?

P Yes. You remember we have encountered intrusive identities containing no love. Well that was a bit different but still having no love and having completely lost any concept of time.

R And yet it understood the concept of time.

P In a theoretical kind of way.

R When we talked about time in years it knew what we were on about.

P But as if dredging it up from a long-forgotten past. So I think in our terms it had been in that sort of state for a very very long time. But what it was originally, who knows! It may well have been human but just been as you say, lost in limbo.

H But it's possible it was a being from another planet. Just a lost soul.

P Well yes. That's right. And I'm glad you raised that because we are so habituated to expect any kind of identity will be human with human-looking appearance.

H+R Yes.

P But this could in the category of very different external appearance but still actually ensouled by what we would recognise as a spiritual identity. And I saw a reference the other day, you might have seen the news about the billions of planets that have been extrapolated from data collected so far and who knows what kind of creature it may be. On this planet there are humans and cetaceans, they're both mammals and this was something very different and may well have been what you're suggesting, Heidi, a completely alien species and not necessarily from this world! Exactly!

H Well why shouldn't it have been. We're such a small speck in the universe that if somebody falls off another planet and gets totally lost?

P A very good point, Heidi. That feels right to me because it was so unrecognisable as an identity to me.

H That's the feeling I had. Because however far back in history on this planet, it would know about love.

P Mm, presumably? For example in the Michael material there is references to other world systems and other classes of identity that would not be recognisable to us as ensouled intelligent creatures. And we might have just met one. Very interesting. That was unexpected. At the beginning I was going through the mental invocation of 'whatever wants to turn up, now's your chance!' ;-) I didn't expect something like that!

(ongoing conversation not transcribed)

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