20100523 prc post vipassana 11_reaffirming true perception

23/05/2010 prc post vipassana 11_reaffirming true perception


^We'll take this opportunity to record some observations, significant in their own way though yet to be manifested in their full strength. The conclusion of the Coromandel retreat at Matapaua has been significant in quite a number of ways, and the attentiveness of others to this progressive gathering of information, of validity and comprehensiveness, is slowly gathering momentum.

The opportunity to be of service in the world is naturally taken by those whose passion it is to serve. Where the categories are mundane, people are thankful for the extent of the service at that particular time, but it carries little residue beyond the life of the individual who contributes in that way and those few who may be witness to that. As the service manifests in more general ways and is of such a nature to attract others by the extent to which it resembles their aspirations, then there can be some extension of that manifestation through time.

The mythology of the spiritual pantheon has accumulated very large amounts of historical baggage. What has been lost sight of over these time periods is the essential nature of the experience, and in order to build significance into the experience, there have been added many layers to the description. These have had educative value, so they are in no way to be decried, or minimised, let alone anathematised or ridiculed, for the incentive for such portrayals is always towards constructive, positive influence of the individual in their personal life. What we would point to is the distinction between the event itself, and the mode of portrayal by which to communicate the event to others, and very often the emotional impact of the event becomes integrated into that representation.

And so by offering these categories of events to you, we hope to point with a little more clarity to that precise distinction by which to disaggregate the variety of representations of the event itself through history.

It is perfectly true that these events are rare, and they are always created, and we use that term advisedly, for specific purpose. The specific purpose on this occasion is to bring an ancient, venerable spiritual identity, completely consonant with the label you have supplied, being a singularity of the positive, once again into the realm of perception of one who has some descriptive capacity at this disposal. Given that artistic rendition is not his strength, we have already made reference to the prime nature of the articulated description, and that it is appropriate to refrain from any degree of embellishment, - emotional, contextual, philosophical, psychological or in any other way. For the nature of the experience is primary, in the sense that it is the accumulated goodwill of a million individuals. By that we refer to the personality cloud, if one could utilise that metaphor from the realm of computing, that cloud of potentially communicating individuals, each of whom has lived a human life, which when aggregated in the positive aspect, forms an almost formidable accumulation of an accumulation of the positive. So by this we attempt to bring some clarity to the source of such an event. Because if one were to gather a million people together and communicate with them in such a way as to influence their mood to entirely a condition of good will, then that goodwill becomes almost palpable. And one can then project that towards one or more others and so generate an experience by that encounter.

So by this description we refer to the present understanding of the model of the human on the complete identity level, comprising a group of 1000 fragments, each of whom has accumulated of the order of 1000 lifetimes, and reached a condition of sufficient enlightenment in order to progress beyond the necessity to return into the physical for further refining within the crucible of humanity. And when that condition is integrated within the larger whole, then that whole identity, the group soul, contains the capacity to convey that emotion wherever they choose, and to whomever they choose, and with the impact of a million individuals accumulated into one. That is the fundamental origin for the experience, and it constitutes the gift on this occasion by which to contribute to the understanding of this individual through whom we speak.

So these are the mechanics, if one might think of it in such terms, the process by which such an experience can be generated. And when it is explained in those terms then we trust that some individuals will be able to engage their comprehension and see it as a desirable outcome of a simple process easily understood as a summative process across individuals, when there is an alignment between the states of each individual.

When such states are obtainable and the summative process is all-encompassing across the individual, and we speak of the group level as we say that, then the impact on the recipient of any such expression can be profound. And so it has been to a series of individuals at different times through history.

So this is merely another, delivered into the current language in order to bring clarity to a potential understanding capable of being promulgated to multiple interested individuals.

We feel that this will lessen the tendency towards a reaction of simple awe, not in order to reduce such an impact but to make it intelligible, thereby hopefully engaging their analytical mind and their understanding rather than merely to render the recipient supine and overcome.

P Well, that seems to be that. That was helpful.

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