20210204 prc Wisdom book appendix_meditation

20210204 T07:13
Brief specification of meditation practice to achieve the states adequate to access the
class of
material contained in this text:
1 An intention to do nothing but just be still
2 A plan to do that for at least three days before expecting to achieve success
3 Because nothing is being done, the body needs little food, so eat lightly and sleep well, as a fully rested state is also a prerequisite.
4 To have space in the life without demands to attend elsewhere, so food and drink is to be easily available
without distraction from the meditative state
To be willing to fearlessly look within and know yourself
6 To be willing to fearlessly engage with fantasies of the mind and perceptions
7 To be willing to extend love for oneself and all others who may approach you, no matter what their projected appearance
8 To actively assess the characteristics of every apparent identity coming into proximity and be willing to look behind any such projections for
core identity and character, and especially for presence o
absence of loving nature
9 By that means, to ascertain the reality or otherwise of such perceptions and identities
and permit them to stay or to require their absence from proximity, understanding that not all identity has one’s best interests in mind
0 To actively engage with such identity by mental conversation without leaving the meditative state
11 If you wish to produce a record of your experience, then articulate aloud all such interaction as it occurs
Use a digital recording device to capture all such events in real time as they happen. A smart phone and headset microphone is adequate. A dedicated computer is better.
3 Have sufficient k
nowledge and competence in all consequent issues of file handling and transcription
14 Preferably be willing to share with knowledgeable others all such experience so as to avoid all issues of dependency and illusion as may arise