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J I would like to offer our intention this evening and give thanks for the good fortune we all enjoy, despite the many problems which arise in daily life. I would ask that these individual problems can be swept aside into a corner for the evening and of course collected again on the way out. That may we all experience a period of removal from our daily lives and be allowed to experience our spiritual selves, devoid of these concerns so that we have spiritual freedom to be ourselves and to communicate with those who are our spiritual kin. I ask that those who come in spirit to speak with us to draw nearer and stand beside us until we are of a calm and stable mind, receptive enough to communicate.

And to assist our transition into this state, I would ask that each focus their attention on the descending white light that encircles us as a group and enters into our stream of consciousness and our auric reality, energising each of the chakras in sequential motion, moving down from the crown chakra, cleansing the third eye, opening the throat chakra and descending to the heart chakra, allowing its open fulsomeness to emanate love, empathy and understanding. And feel it move through the solar plexus into the lower chakras. Moving down then to the limbs and through the feet anchoring us to the energy of Mother Earth. And feel enlivened and take yourself to a place that is most peaceful in your mind. For each it will be a different place but focus on the aspects of this known space that bring you joy and peace and remain there for a few moments and await the coming of a special spirit, of whom you may ask any question and who will nourish your yearning for spiritual knowledge. …

It is time for us to return from our reverie so I would ask that you bring yourselves back slowly to your conscious awareness of yourself fin this reality and bring with you that which you experienced and speak of it, if you will.

P Well I suppose I could begin, except that the content was completely unexpected and possibly controversial. I thought of a book that I read years and years ago in which the author discussed memories of having been a temple virgin. And I forget the context, but – like which civilisation it might have been from – but I wondered about the role of such a person in the community. And in that particular case it was it was an annual ritual for such a woman to accept or engage with the men in the community in ritual sex. And I thought, what would that do to the community? So I don't know where that thought came from? :-) And thought perhaps it would function to bring cohesiveness to a community and integration of the physical and spiritual and spiritual activation of the second chakra like in tantric sex. There are a lot of traditions that use that. So that was my question. I came back with a question. :-)

J Where did you go?

P Just to a peaceful place. No visualisations at all. A peaceful condition. Then that popped in. And thinking that that category of seeking of spiritual experience, I wonder whether that was anachronistic to present-day conditions, maybe it was more suited to a more tribal way of life? So that was me.

J What about you, Heidi, can you relate to that one?

H Nope. :-) That wasn't – I started off just giving thanks for being in this company with such love and acceptance and companionship – mind-blowing. And I felt very peaceful and calm and then I had this white light coming up and it just stayed there. In the past it's just come and gone and this time it came up and stayed. Really very peaceful and just what I needed! :-)

Jn I saw lots of flashes of shapes of people and so then I was making myself be very aware of these things and wondering if it was a vision or not because I'm still learning that. And then I suddenly thought of a friend, a close friend of Stewart's up in Whangarei who we found out last night has a tumour. And so I prayed for him while on my way here they were going to operate. And then everything started to close in and went very dark. So I said I don't want this I want light again and I saw on one side like sun coming out onto darkness. And then I started sweating and was trying to relax again.

J That sounds like a major experience ;-) Wow.

P How do you interpret that?

Jn I was quite fascinated by the flashes of what I was seeing. I thought when I prayed for Steve that everything would be alright, that when it all went dark, that it wasn't going to be. Or is it what he might be feeling, going into a dark cave?

P Did you get hot? Is that why you sweated?

Jn Yep.

P Do you recognise what that could be?

Jn No.

P Commonly that's a symptom of a lot of energy flow and in this case I would expect it to be through you towards the focus of your attention. So the phrase is 'where the focus goes, the energy flows.' So in that kind of situation if you focus on somebody and they are in need, you become part of the channel by which it gets to the place you desire it to go to. And when that happens and if it's a high intensity flow then often it feels very hot and the body can react in that sort of way. So I think the sweat is a confirmation that it's not imaginary but that it's real and that it's intense. So I think that your desire for spiritual assistance to him, you can regard that as having been confirmed by your own body response. In relation to the flash images of other people, how were they dressed, what did you see? Jn I went through all stages of mainly old (dress styles), way back, groups of people, other cultures than what we're used to.

P What feelings did you have with those?

Jn I was really relaxed and peaceful and then I started thinking of starting seeing these little vision. I found it quite exciting.

P Very often one of the categories of things that you see, when you begin to see, is people that you have been at other times and places. And how many might you estimate there to have been?

Jn A good half a dozen.

P So just consider the possibility that you might have been seeing who you have been at other times and places. Sometimes that sort of thing can explain a fascination that you might have or an interest that you might have or even a fear of other cultures or time periods and were you to connect any particular dress style to a particular culture or time, it might indicate that you were present in those times and places. And that is a simple and straight-forward reason for such pre-existing interest perhaps that you may have had.

Jn Oh, ok.

P It sounds like it was productive for you.

Jn Mm.

J When is your friend having the operation?

Jn 22nd March.

P What about you, Janet?

J I had a visit from my mother. And she made the comment it's been many years since she has been in such proximity mainly because I have been spending so much of my time being busy and not allowing people in. It was interesting because I didn't recognise it as her to start with. It was the comment about how we don't see people as they really are, we see them as we have perceived them.

P We see their mask.

J Yeah, and she talked a lot about the mask and the persona. She was never really the person that I knew her to be. She always lived in another state of reality in that time when she was young and free. And that she would put on these attempts to do the right thing.

P Be conventional?

J Yeah. To be conventionally successful as a mother and wife and – but she didn't find it very rewarding. Anyway, it was very nice to be back there.

P That's useful to know.

J And there's a lot I can learn from this because we are like our parents, obviously and no matter how much we attempt to diverge from that pattern it's not possible really because you are who you are and you are where you came from. So that was interesting.

P So what was the message in that? Was it don;t do as I did, or forgive yourself because you can't help doing what she modelled to you, or - ?

J It was something about – you know I've always been determined not to nothing to do? I've always assumed my mother was very bored because that's what 1950s housewives ended up not doing a great deal. Being good housewives, finding themselves in a trap, really. Anyway, time to take more time to be, I guess.

P Mm. I was thinking the other day that in relation to your perceived retreat from your current employer and not seeming to be able to generate clear plans, that one opportunity is to just stop being the person that you are in the sense of going out to work every day and stopping and seeing what emerges. You don't have to generate specific plans in advance. But when that time comes, to simply space and go with what emerges.

J Mm. I have this terrible fear of retirement ;-)

Jn I am trying to make use of that time now too. Before Mum died I took six months off and I was to have time for myself and let me emerge and so on but it never happened because I was too busy looking after Mum and Dad. Then I went straight back into full time work. And so at the moment I'm trying to have some time for me. Not that it's happened yet ;-) I have this fear of just getting old. Not for being old but I feel I'm running out of time and there's so much living to do yet. So its a bit the same, the thought of retiring (is uncomfortable)

J What was the transition like for you, Heidi? But you didn't, you had your own business?

H Yes, I didn't actually stop working at any stage and I still haven't. When I can find the stuff on the computer I can continue. ;-) So I was lucky I didn't stop working like that, as in, now what do I do? I've felt fortunate as I've thought it would be one of the worst things. And in my mind I've thought it was always for men (to retire compulsorily) whereas women still had their primary job, being a good housekeeper, and that never runs out. But for men to stop work and wonder what to do – I've dealt with (counselled) quite a lot of couples and men in that situation. One of the toughest things in life from one day to the next to feel superfluous. That must be the pits. My brother in law described that. As a woman you're still needed. (ongoing discussion truncated) That was one of my best meditations, I think.

J What do we do now?

P Let's go back in and see what happens. …


J Peter, are you being approached?

P Maybe.

J I ask you to invite the one who approaches to speak through you?

P They don't seem to have anything to say.

J Yeah. Anybody else? It's wandering around.

H I can't quite make it out but there's something happening.

J Yeah it very definitely went over towards you Heidi then approached Jan and hovered, so it could be anybody. … I have received a message that we are all of an age where we are aware of possible future demise, guaranteed demise and still showing concerns about the future. Be advised that the future is now. Throw your hat into the ring and participate in the now. It doesn't matter about the future and it doesn't matter what you do as nobody really cares. Its only what you do. And that isn't very profound but never mind. There's also something about you know when we were very young and for everybody when they're young they are so concerned about the future and so concerned about getting it right. Apparently there is no 'right'. Mm. …

P Well that was very peaceful. What happened to you, Heidi?

H Mm, yes, I had this feeling there was something there but I could not identify it. But then it was a feeling that for all of us to put our worries and concern in the centre and it was being cleansed and healed. It was an amazing feeling, very powerful and peaceful.

P A good thing to do, dissociate from our concerns and worries. What happened for you Jan?

J I was busy as. Things were just all over the place. First I heard “walk with me.” And it was very busy, quite weird.

P Can you be more explicit?

Jn Just dancing in and out of different shapes and things. At one time it was a full picture and then very skinny. At one time I felt my eye was being really dragged on. Once it was like a big long 'J' and it kept going down and down. I could feel it being dragged down. That was all quite different.

P What about you, Janet?

J I felt that energy go to each of us and it seemed to give us a blessing while in front of Heidi. But I couldn't convince it to go and talk through somebody else. Then I started to think of mundane things.

P Did you feel that blessing process?

H Mm, yes, it was a feeling of healing, of letting go, of being taken care of. I felt a huge wave like in the sea but it was totally benign, it wasn't a violent wave. I just came then came back and just washed and it was the image of washing all the worries away, having a blessing and a healing. It was very nice. It was for all of us.

J Mm.

P I felt quite static so wondered if it was time to ascend on the hara level so without saying anything, mentally circled us all and urged us top head on up and it quite rapidly got quite a lot lighter and it felt as though I at least and perhaps us had been down in the relative dark place. Then I felt as though I was feeling your weight and thought ok, lets do some cleansing and directed energy as if water-blasting. And then imaged as if energy coming in the centre and washing out through all of the aura and letting the heaviness drop away and that allowed us to go quite a lot higher. I was eager to ascend further, of course but everybody else seemed content where you were so I thought ok. I'm off, and zoomed up into a very very peaceful place for a little while.

H That's interesting and congruent with how I felt that we were all involved in this.

P Yes, so quite often over the years when there's been not a lot going on, I've thought ok, time to lift up, and it makes a difference and gets us to another level of categories of experience and feeling a lot lighter, leaving the heaviness behind. So that was nice.

J I wish you'd had a go at my weight with that ;-)

P You seemed to come up ok. ;-) And it was a little experiment for me because I had the choice of saying it out loud or enacting it by intention and seeing whether there was a response in just my own awareness or whether I sensed that we acted as a group. And there seemed to be willingness to act as a group and actually to do that.

J Yes, there's definitely a sense of peace.

H I was debating whether to voice it.

J Yes, likewise. I had a vision of Richard too, grinning away.

P Yeah, he does that! (as seen when absent but spiritually present) He's so full of joy, it's lovely to see!!

(healing and conversation not further transcribed)

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