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3/02/2011 prc shaman role responsibilities_car accident


I've just received the invoice for the car damage repair comprising some $1600, being about $1000 more than my worst case estimate and I specifically seek commentary, recommendations, the means by which this can be equitably settled such that the outcome is either as intended or constitutes the proper result for all concerned?

^We come before you and are apprised of your concerns.

The issue with the repayment is not a problem. As you are well aware, the ongoing nature of the income is sufficient to reprise that in an equitable fashion provided that the period of repayment is extended sufficiently. And so make an offer cognizant of the income rate and the affordable expenditure rate, and they may accept it or may prosecute for more rapid restitution. Were they to do that they would have little recourse in law, given the credible and sensible offer probably to be made.

The income for the company is not at risk. The impact on the other party is not an issue, the car having been repaired. The income on this one is not at issue because of the proportionate balance between the outgoing rate and the income rate. Therefore, although there are emotional responses, this is an exercise in governing those such as to restore confidence, authority, supporting the preferred perception of the individual as just and equitable and willing to provide justice when that justice is within the power of that individual.

And we would comment further, for there are several related issues to be discussed: The first is the true origin of the incident and the community responsibility in the face of challenges such as is comprised the true cause of that incident.

The community responsibility in this community is no different from the community responsibility in any other community, whereby the existence and acknowledgement of existence and acknowledgement of that existence by remediary procedures, is no different from any other community. The relative paucity of valid community responses in this community is not particularly different from the paucity of valid response in any other community at any other time. Therefore there is no large discrepancy here, merely an opportunity to convey to the intended community of interest the reality and validity of the phenomenon itself, being the spectral influence, if one may use that phrase, on the living.

That spectral influence is occasionally liturgical, occasional malevolent, as in this case, but mostly benign. The particular cases where the influence is in the category of being malevolent are the ones of most concern to any community, and this is no exception. Nevertheless the reduction in the efficacy of intervention and the lack of - (knock at the door)

P Oh, I've got an interruption. … Following on from the previous recording:

^The communities of interest and their responsibilities are as follows, and this was proceeding directly from the previous discontinued statement:

Communities have always taken some responsibility, formal or informal, for the minimisation of malevolent input from spectral influence. The term spectral influence is somewhat of a misnomer yet it is convenient so we will continue its usage.

The spectral influence on the living is an ongoing phenomenon, but considering that only 5% or thereabouts of a population is continuously sensitive, with the balance of the population only intermittently sensitive, there is little continuous influence on the population taken as a whole. Nevertheless this traffic incident is an example of a sensitive individual malevolently influenced at a critical time in such a way as to produce yet another minor infraction between two disconnected individuals in the community.

There is no link between these two. There is no intention to create a link between these two. This is an epi-phenomenon or random entangling of the life paths of two otherwise strangers. So there is no intention to pursue that entanglement. There is no benefit to pursuing that entanglement. There is no intention to interact across the racial divide because of the similarity of ethnicity of the source of the malevolence and the ethnicity of the impacted, in this case the other party in this traffic incident.

So having put to rest all of those imponderables, we now elect to consider in slightly more depth the reality of the random nature, in contrast to the apparent significance, from the perspective of the malevolent earth-bound individual in spirit who sees opportunity and has the capacity and elects to utilise that capacity in order to negatively influence the living. This is simply an example of that, brought into the life of the one through whom we speak specifically in order to constitute a wake-up call to their responsibilities to their community.

This is a reminder of the shaman's role. This individual claims to accept the responsibility and the role of the shaman yet does little to enact that. Because the duty of the shaman is to care for the community in which they exist. Although there is some encouragement and support to prospective other shamans in this community, there has been little motivation nor awareness nor effective intervention on the part of this one through whom we speak to activate and action the role of protector of the community.

This was the purpose for which this incident was engineered. And we say engineered because that is precisely the situation. To create an event in the life of an individual in such a way as to unmistakably identify an area of lack in their behaviour, their manner of comporting themselves, their recognition perhaps although not necessarily, but generally the role to which they give lip service but do not in fact enact.

So we come at your request to tell you these things, for these are the uncomfortable truths of the situation and we would enlist your support, if you would be so kind. These aspects of the role of the community shaman is to participate with the community on their behalf in the specialised field of interest in which they are qualified. This is no different from any other professional activity. The engagement with that professional activity in the community of interest is voluntary and is accompanied by willingness to perform that activity-set in the face of responsibilities entailed in that acquired role, or to formally or informally relinquish that role and all claims to it. This is a matter of intrinsic responsibility contained within the role itself, as in all professions.

So to that extent this is an education about the responsibilities of a role performer in the general sense, as well as the role performance in this individual case.

That being so, we entreat that the role responsibilities be duly mapped and structured into a behavioural pattern whereby the responsibilities of the role is duly recognised and actioned. Were this to become the case then the validity would be confirmed and the authority of the role would be continued. The non-performance of the role then becomes an indicator of the unwillingness to generate it, to relinquish and discontinue (it), on the basis of that non-performance.

So by this we give fair warning that the role is a valuable one. The attachment to the role is indicated by the continuity of performance of the role responsibilities. The non-continuity of the performance constitutes a signal of the willingness to relinquish the role, and so it would be merely quietly withdrawn. For there is no blame to be given; merely responsibility to be accepted. And so we accept our part in this and request a complementary acceptance based on true understanding of the valid role requirements on the part of this one through whom we speak.

That constitutes our response to the requests made to date.

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