20200503 prc Tapanui hill

20200503 prc Tapanui hill_1
I'm quite a long way up the Blue Mountains. I appear to be unable to reach the Tapanui hill peak, having come up forestry roads a very long way and come to a locked gate.
^Nevertheless we will take the opportunity for an introduction. The deva of alpine species has as much freedom of movement as any other species, if not more. At the present altitude (~700m?) there are none of the species of its concern and at the peak of this range (1005m), only a few
truly within its ambit. Yet because they exist at that altitude in this location, then so too has it chosen to. There is freedom to migrate from hilltop to hilltop, as it could be thought of, and it spends only part of its time here. Nevertheless the introduction has been made and exactly for the reason to introduce you to that particular class of terrestrial species for which it has supervisory responsibility.
Coming now to other matters, for this adventure of this day. In solitude comprises an opportunity to reconnect again. And so we would suggest not departing from this location for some hours, so as to become mentally adjusted to the prospect of being above the plain, now your habitual location for these three and a half years and on another plain for thirtysix more. So there is an opportunity to address some fears related to being on mountains. And in the meantime, we suggest you park and rest and eat your meagre rations and refresh yourself with water, and we will return after that.
Ok, sounds like a plan.
20200503 prc Tapanui hill_2
I've no idea of the time (neither the vehicle radio clock nor the odometer clock were correctly set and my phone was not displaying time in voice recorder mode). Anyway never mind. So I have walked up the hill from the van.
I'm back in the van. I rested at the top of the hill and took some photographs. I'm currently positioned between the Clutha river and Tapanui hill peak.
^We have some observations that may be of some assistance in this deva-connecting protocol. The exertion of this day is not excessive. The body is healthy and resilient. It will quickly recover. The shoes, on the other hand, are past their use-by date. The opportunity exists for some more dialogue concerning life in deva-hood.
The indwelling imagery and projected expectations of devic nature and character are sufficiently strong to comprise an interference with accurate perception. Imagined form of various kinds including imagery from film have now penetrated the culture. The metaphor of the hero's journey and return is not applicable in any sense. The only app
icable image is of a simple sphere. In colour or black and white makes no difference. The identity is within the structure as described so well by Keith Hill, whereby the filaments of light comprising the internal structure are the repository of information, memory and identity. And so what arises as a node of Dao-consciousness is not any different at the spiritual level, between physically manifest identities and only spiritually manifest identities. This simplification of representation is not only accurate, it is true.
And so can be seen the myriad perceptions by which to differentiate one putative deva-type from another, are simply human constructs, a suitable repository for projected identity. We are at some pains to reiterate this point, as the simplicity has been so overlaid with imagery and descriptions from multiple cultures through time, as to be essentially unrecognisable from the perspective of the spiritual identity itself. To reiterate, their nature is love. Their intention is nurturance. Their contribution is guidance and communication with the species supported as well as amongst themselves. The information flow is unrestricted across level, only differentiated between levels, and that in terms of information breadth and complexity and confined to the appropriate level of identity within the spiritual hierarchy. As you have
observed, the supervisory identity at the terraform deva level and above, is entirely similar to the human in its capacity for knowledge and interpretation of information.
So these ephemeral connections at one location or another are the best information available. And shared with love.
I guess we're done for today.