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P I'd like to give thanks for the year.

R Indeed.

P This is the penultimate night for this year so I just want to acknowledge all the support we've had from spirit and the changes and development that each of us has undergone. And the continuing information and completion of the information delivery and the opportunity to develop this practice and the transition that has made to continuing the status of loving friends.

R Mm!

P I really like that.

R I feel very privileged to be associated with it and to have the opportunity to come here most weeks and just be. And to be part of the information sharing.

P Mm. In that book I mentioned there was one paper which had a table differentiating the dissolution of various parts and the consequences. The dissolution of the sense of I; dissolution of the me aspect and one other I can't think of. But it was certainly descriptive of some of the things that have happened with us here. …


P We seem to have company.

R Mm, welcome.

^There arises at a time such as this at the ending of another year of dedicated attendance the opportunity to evaluate progress of the year and as anticipated, a peek at prospects for the coming year.

This has been a productive year. The willingness of each individually and collectively to persist with the practice, to continue the meetings, to establish in a reliable way the intention based on willingness to know and willingness to listen and willingness to participate, have been fruitful. Our own perspective on this as that of a complementary team in a different domain as if in a foreign country, a well-matched team, compliant and willing and eager, enthusiastic even, to participate and wanting to obtain the best quality result that is possible. On our part we have been willing to reciprocate with these intentions, having as we do the long term goal of maximising the potential for this triumvirate of individuals whose capacity to know of the things we wish to transfer knowledge of. It has been fruitful, productive, effective and reliable in conveying our wishes into the domain you occupy.

Our wishes have been simple. We wish you to know as much as you desire of what we know of the circumstances of embodiment, the opportunities of embodiment, the continuity of existence before and after embodiment and the advantages of that process. The fact that the intended material has been completed in its specific and contracted-for transmission has not diminished any of those things and so there remain some options in possibility for future enactment.

And in discussing those, we would begin by stating that our intention is to support the members of this group and any who may join you in garnering what you may from these proceedings. In the absence of any regular participants we will be entirely willing to provide ongoing support where that is desired or needed.

The perspective which can be taken on future occasions is somewhat tangential to the proceedings thus far. There are a number of other domains of which information could be made available. The choice concerning which one or ones is at this point in the embodied domain. And so as to allow an informed choice, we offer the following information: The first is an enhanced description of some of the alternative opportunities for embodiment in the physical domain of this planet. The second is opportunities for experience in places other than this planet, although that is often and necessarily difficult to convey because of the language limitations pertaining to the planet of its development. A third opportunity is more information concerning the disembodied state in its more distant realms.

A fourth option is more information concerning the range of realms occupiable by diverse species and/or identities and more discussion concerning particularly the realms lower than the human normally occupies. So that is what is available and we await your decision as to which if any is the first priority that you elect to receive more information concerning. This is not urgent and it can be the subject of a process of choosing prior to recommencement of these contacts in the new year 2010, if that is elected as an opportunity for continuation of these meetings.

Regarding the options for members participating in these groups we feel that it is appropriate to increase numbers again. We understand that there are some individuals who would prefer to attend or attend more regularly. And we feel that given the completion of the prime task that there be less stringent criteria applied to potential participants than has been the case in the past. So with that in mind, we offer our condolences for the cessation during this time period and unless there are specific queries, we will depart.

R I'd like to ask a question. When you speak of the realms lower than ours, are you meaning such things as devas and other entities that exist or coexist within the physical or something different from that?

^We have in mind the model offered and we speak in general terms of the number set indicating the population of realms of lower than the human location given as being approximately just less than half way on that scale. So we choose to not confine our discussion at the outset by any statements here and now. Merely that there are a range or opportunities which may be of interest to describe some of the aspects of that scale in ways which address transmitted information from other times and places and cultures and languages, for which some clarification may also be appropriate and desired by some people. We wish to specify it no more closely than that at this time.

R Ok, thank you.

^We would add that it has been our privilege to participate in these ways and we anticipate with much pleasure the opportunity to continue to come into proximity to you.

P And that's that. They are so systematic in their approach! :-)

R Mm!!

P I think the only wooly-minded individuals at times like that are the likes of you and me, Richard.

R :-) There are a number of things that interest me but whether they serve the greater good is quite another matter,

P Oh I think we should have no hesitation in asking whatever we care to be curious about. From past experience, if we wander into vague or inconclusive territory or get into specious arguments or anything like that we'll just be gently nudged back on course! :-)

R I find the Benjamin Creme transmission meditation sort of ideas quite fascinating and the talk of the White Brotherhood and the masters who are reincarnating and the space brothers, those that dwell on other planets in this solar system and come and are the source of flying saucers and the sights of those and these sorts of things. I guess I'm curious to know as to what the validity of that is. It sounds like there certainly are other dimensions or beings located perhaps in another dimension. But they seems to be associated with another planets. Benjamin Creme talks about the earth being a being and the sun having a being in charge of the sun, and that sort of thing.

P Blavatsky of Theosophy wrote about some of those things as well. It is theoretically feasible I suppose to desire a description of the occupancy of each individual realm of existence on that scale of 65 trillion. We'd be meeting for a long time ;-)

(NB: Note that this number relates to the uncorrected error of the agape frequency scale comprising 65 x 10E12, not the corrected range of 65 x 10E3)

R We would, yeah. It depends on the detail of each one, too of course.

P Even one word, Richard :-)

R And I suppose the question to ask is, how does it benefit humanity to know about these things. And if you were to describe, as suggested, some of the lower order, is it simply adding to a body of knowledge or is there a larger benefit?

P Good question. I've no idea. The background thought that I had when that possibility arose was, it might relate to something to do with the consciousness levels of other constituents of existence? For example what is the consciousness of a tree? What is the consciousness of a rock? Or of different species or classes of life-form and all of those sorts of things? Or things that we have no knowledge of currently but which seem to be further down?

R Mm.

P I remember years ago getting a couple of what seemed to be teaching dreams which were of very uncomfortable kind of places. And one was supposedly 30,000 levels down and it was an emotionally bleak place! Full of pointlessness and ineffectual activity.

R Mm. Sounds like Parliament. ;-)

P Yeah, I never thought of it like that ;-) But that's presumably still in the local range but an extension of further down the scale. Any more description from my perspective would be just interesting and fill in some of the blanks on that scale. (like) What does the scale mean? I would think of it as. Otherwise we get a scale and a little information about a tiny little bit of it. Well, what's going on in the rest of it? So that would seem to be interesting. But also, thoughts of the embodied species? The only information I've seen which seemed to have some credibility to it was the Michael material talking about cetaceans as embodied species. And you remember that stuff about occasional associations between people and pets? Birds etc. on a temporary basis?

R Familiars?

P Yes. Whether important in a practical sense or useful, I don't know, but interesting.

(subsequent conversation not transcribed)

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