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5/12/1999 prcjlo bulk instructions


prcjo  5.12.99

>We come to your request and our initiative to respond to the initiative that you jointly represent.  We honour the opportunity that you represent.

J We welcome your presence.

>Thank you. It is our intention that the duo should become the multiple in due course. It is within our capacity to interact with many and we do so already. We wish to extend our influence in this current community and you as representatives of that community, being those individuals who give credence to, to whatever extent they may, the opportunity to convey information from these realms. Secondarily it is a necessary and planned part of our involvement that there will be opportunities, not necessarily on every occasion, but often to conduct investigations and clearances of the astral realms from the perspective of the individual entrapped within it. Do you have questions?

J You spoke to me last night of these astral realms and I was confused and curious as I had not perceived these disembodied people as travelling not so much in the astral realms as in the earth plane.  Can you please clarify this.

>The two are synonymous in the sense of bilocation or simultaneity of location. The distinction is one of energy frequency, not of physical distance. Therefore there is interpenetration on all levels and as locally appropriate, simultaneity of physical location.  In fact the astral dimensions are everywhere continuous and the physical location is confined. The space time co-ordinates of any particular physical location define the location within those co-ordinates in the physical domain. 

In the astral domain the energetic identity of the individual concerned may be at one of many levels within that energetic frequency band if it may be termed such.  Therefore although from the viewpoint of the physically incarnate human the energetic identity is perceivable by its association with the observer, they are not necessarily confined to that, merely currently locally focussed in that location, hence observable. They may simultaneously be observable from elsewhere if they are focussed simultaneously in that other location. In that sense there is not the confinement of the identity to a given physical location. This is the basis of bilocality of the incarnate human. There is representation in one physical location of the physical person and its energetic component and simultaneously at a different physical location there can be a representation of the individual on the energetic level and therefore perceivable to those who can perceive at that level. This being the basis for bilocality in its magical sense or its shamanic sense there is just the same capacity in the astral sense because the events are primarily astral, secondarily physical. We feel unsure whether this is sufficient or if you would like further clarification.   J No, I can see with clarity now. My perception, being in the third dimension, of astral being out there from my perspective, I had not previously conceived of others having perspectives from out there inwards. In which case it is possible for interdimensionality (?)   >Indeed. Which is, by definition, the permissibility and perception of more than one level at once, simultaneously perceiving in the physical domain, using the physical organs and in the mental and astral domains using the appropriate organs, which are not the physical eyes.   J It seems almost to be a defeat of the concept of linearity. In the way that the atmosphere bends the rays of the sun and deflects them from the earth, it allows others through, so too do other dimensions from the astral level simultaneously out there and being deflected back.   >The concept is an apt analogy in the sense that the human capacity to perceive is restricted to a certain wave band (400 to 700 nm) in the case of the normal human. In the astral perception there is a similar wave band of perceptibility in frequency terms and individuals differ as to the breadth of the bandwidth that they can perceive and the ability to perceive is defined by that from zero to an unlimited degree. People who are continuously in the ‘bright’ as it is termed have a very broad bandwidth to their astral perception or energetic frequency perception because it extends beyond the confines of the earth. Those who have no astral perception or at least give no importance to it or discount it have some astral perception but they choose to ignore it. The more normal condition is to have some astral perception, most of the time to ignore it and very occasionally when there is an altered state of consciousness to have perceptions in that realm. That is the norm for the human population because it is the exceptional person who both is trained or elects to pay attention to that domain and has an opportunity in their life to in fact do so without their being deterred or absorbed by the normal physical sense input into their perception.   J When you spoke of degrees I had the concept of the geometrical form of the circle in which there are a limited number of  degrees unless one takes a course in yet another dimension or direction in which case you are only limited to the dimensions of a sphere which could well be defined as having unlimited degrees.   >The model is inapt in the sense that the circle contains 360 degrees. To the extent that one confines one’s expectations to any one individual degree of perception then it is a confining model because the bandwidth of the individual’s perception is infinitely subdivided. The model of the 360 degree circle is therefore only limited to the extent that one considers only the individual degrees, remembering that there are minutes of arc and seconds of arc and any finer subdivision of that which one may elect. Then it is no more limited than any other model because one can achieve for example microseconds of arc. Hence the model is as adequate as one perceives it to be. There is in fact no limitation.

The perceptibility from the individual’s point of view is limited more by belief than by nature and therefore to deliberately and willingly adopt an expansive perception and expansive expectations leaves one unrestrained in one’s perception, recognising that one can in fact experience through those non-physical organs of perception everything from the ultimate and less. This means that one’s opportunities for perception are defined in other ways than individual and personal limits, if one has an unlimited willingness to admit perceptions to however fine or large degree.

These determinates of perception are more in the nature of event horizons from the individual identities in the discarnate domain. In other words, they will, if they wish to be perceived, they are. If they do not wish, they are not. This of course necessitates willing co-operation. We appreciate the willing co-operation and will endeavour to maintain our perceivability and will do so to the degree necessary for your benefit.

J Thank you for that. You spoke also of discarnate humans reaching a saturation point at this particular time.

>Indeed so.

J How can we help?

>We hoped you would ask. There are many opportunities and we will engineer some to obtain a progressive clearing to change the trend from increasing saturation to decreasing saturation and eventual complete clearing with the co-operation of the incarnate human. There are many who sit thus in service and many are utilised. Not everyone who wishes for the opportunity are in fact given it for a variety of reasons. But many are, but not sufficient. Therefore our desire is to establish those for whom their current life direction and involvement enables their focus to be in these realms. Those who are able and available and willing are utilised. You are two such.

J Please explain the concept of souls in ascendancy.

>Souls in ascendancy is essentially simple in concept. There is a point of origin and a point of eventual ending. The two are at different levels. The transit is from one level to another through the variety of life opportunities that enable them. This transition in level is the task of the successive lives and the objective of their existence. In addition there is the activity within the discarnate domain in which there is a necessary progression from lower to higher levels. There is also the domain between the domain of true light and the domain of the physical in its energetic component terms and the difficulty in understanding comes partly from the as yet only partial recognition of the distinction between the purely energetic frequency terms of the identity and the disentanglement of that from the simultaneous location in physical terms between the indwelling identity and the physical body.

When it is clearly understood that the individual identity  occupies a location in energy frequency and embodies itself in physical space-time in a location co-incident with the physical body, then it may be more clearly understood that although there is yes, a body, and yes, an identity co-incident with that in space-time, the identity on different co-ordinates, in this instance frequency and hierarchy has a location and whether incarnate or discarnate, it is a specific location and is determined by the characteristics of the identity at the particular occasion.

The transition in location during that time existence of that identity is consequent upon the decisions made by the individual identity during incarnation. After incarnation there is a disconnection or corruption of the co-incidence of space-time location and astral frequency location and so the identity then exists solely within energetic frequency location. And it is at that point fixed. So the opportunity to change is greatest during the lifetime. Subsequent to that it is much less subject to change. This is the opportunity of incarnation.

There is however the quantum leap, if one may use that modern phrase, to be undergone at the endpoint of life between the  simultaneity of location in space-time and its necessary concomitant in astral location. There is a band-gap, to use a term from electronics which constitutes the astral domain as it is normally known. This transition zone, to use another phrase, is the point at which by the beliefs of the individual they remain static in location.

Accessing that individual is often only obtainable from the physical realm by the incarnate human. When there is co-operation between the fully embodied and the non-bodied working in co-operation then whether the individual is close to the fully physical or close to the fully spiritual, either one or the other identity, the fully-embodied or the non-bodied can access the individual. Where there is a condition of being inbetween, then co-operation is necessary. And we mean this literally. This is the condition of being in limbo in the Void. And as your experience includes that of perceiving the Void we are confident that you have the capacity to understand this.

When the individual in discarnate form is in the void they may be unreachable by one side or the other but in combination, no matter where they are they are reachable irrespective of their beliefs. This is the necessity for co-operative endeavour such we are embarking upon with you.

This partnership has always been understood by our predecessors and continues and will continue into the indefinite future. It is a phenomenon of necessity. It is an activity requiring skill. It is with some degree of risk. Not for the non-bodied, only for the embodied identities. Therefore it is with your permission only that we can obtain your co-operation. Because there is a degree of risk it would not be ethical for us to require in any sense your activity, simply to request it and obtain your co-operation as a matter of goodwill. To this degree the partnership is mutually beneficial and for the sole benefit of those who are in limbo. There is no mutual gain by the identities, in this case you and us, in this partnership. It is an activity of service. One should not expect merit points. Precisely because that is the case, it is in fact an honoured profession on both sides of the veil. Are you willing to undertake this activity with us, understanding these points now as you do?

J I wish you to speak further about the risks involved.

>Certainly. The risks are only one of bringing to manifestation the hidden fears within the hidden identity to the extent and only to the extent of the existence of hidden fears. That is fears not recognised by the normal waking conscience that the interlinking between the perceptual components of the activities and the pre-existing unacknowledged subconscious fears within the individual identity can the one trigger the other into manifestation, activity and involvement. Where the individual is without such fear there is no risk. 

Because most embodied humans have by their prior physical existences, and soul memory, a collection of events in their personal history which has caused them to manifest fear, then to the degree that they still do so they are at risk of having their concentration affected during these activities. The outcome is at worst a seeming apparent connection between their pre-existing fear and the visual hallucinations obtainable from the astral domains or able to be generated in the astral domain or by resonance with the fear of the identity lurking in the astral domain inhibited by their own fears and confined to that domain by them.

To the extent that that resonance simultaneously entrains their attention mutually together to the extent that either one or the other is entranced by it then that constitutes a divergence of their proper attention to the physical domain of the ordinary life and may render them incompetent in the physical domain as a consequence. Should that happen then they would be judged insane by their peers who simply do not understand the current condition of the individual concerned. This involvement of one degree or another into the attention of the non-physical realm is generally perceived to be an absence of the full personality by the external physical observer and the individual is judged as abnormal as a result. It does not have to be a capital offence or a condition requiring containment but it may be so and your institutions are in that category. By no means all, but some.

Therefore to the degree that an individual has enabled themselves for this class of activity by their very disavowal of such fears, exploration, clearing or relative prior absence of such fears, then they are more able to act in these realms and these ways. Therefore if you yourself and I refer to the individual Janet have such fears, known or unknown, then to that degree and that degree only will there constitute any risk. If you know yourself fully and know that there are no residual fears then there is zero risk. Does that answer your question?

J Yes, it does.

>Are you relieved of your anxiety? Or your curiosity?

J No.

>Then how may we help?

J There are no guarantees in life. The prospect of madness is an unattractive one. I wonder why it is a consequence, or a risk indeed when the activity is one of service.

>The two are simply unrelated. It is the phenomenon of the domain. It is no-ones fault or design.

J Purely an accident.

>A factor necessarily understood. Recognise that in our perception you have very low to zero true risk.

J We must all take responsibility for our own actions.

>Of course.

J I carry with me a degree of fear. I believe I have been to the edge of sanity and back.


J A number of times in the past. And I fear going over the edge.

>What were the factors which determined your return?

J Willpower. Circumstance.

>Capacity? And specifically capacity to differentiate between one and the other on a continuous basis?

J I don’t know that I’ve ever managed to analyse it, or thought to.

>Was the return unaided?

J I wasn’t aware at the time of the assistance I have from spirit. I doubt that it was unaided.

>Address then your willingness to admit of your true capacity and true nature. Recognise that the attribution that you make to spirit is sometimes misguided, that in your larger identity you have more capacity than you know. What you attribute to guidance is in fact input from your larger identity. Attach your self concept to that larger identity thereby gaining acceptance of your true capacity and your fears will evaporate.

J You speak then of the concept of acknowledgment of the oneness.

>We differentiate between the myth of the oneness, the fact of the oneness and the concept of the oneness as differentiated by level. We speak at this time not of the oneness as in the wholeness of all but the oneness of coincident identity, that is, one’s implicit nature as being whole, merely partially expressed in the physical and human domain. There is a necessary differentiation to be made that one is integral or by nature whole in spiritual identity. One is expressing that identity in a necessarily limited way into the human domain. When one knows only of the aspect of oneself which is within the human domain then the larger remnant which is external to the physical and human domain seems superhuman from that perspective.

When one enlarges one’s self concept to include the true identity and sees the aspect manifested in the human domain as partial and intrinsically limited then one begins to make the transition in the location of one’s self concept from the intrinsically limited domain of the physically embodied human to encompass the whole identity in its fullness, recognising that one is that and one manifests in a limited way through the human form. To the degree that one understands that one is that larger identity encompassing simultaneously the limited expression within the human domain and the remainder of the aspect in the domain of spirit then one comes to a full understanding of one’s true nature. This is the transition we wish to encourage you to make in your personal awareness. Thereby to realise one’s natural capacity in its fullness. Do you follow us here?

J I understand what you are saying.

>When one acts in confident knowing, or even from interim trust that one is in fact of that larger nature, then fear vanishes. So that to the degree to which you elect to acknowledge your larger identity, then to that degree one can be fearless in this work. Does that reassure you?

J Yes although I know that I need time to absorb much of this and to make a considered decision.

>That is naturally granted and it is not even within our capacity to grant or not grant. It simply is. And appropriately so. We leave you now to your deliberations and mutual support in the absence of her necessary investigation of the questioning.

J I thank you for your presence and hope that you will grace us with your presence again.

>But naturally so. For is it not our intention and our love and our willingness to support? Of course it shall be so, with your willingness and love and intention to support us and all else whom our intentions include. Go with your god and be at peace.   [3248 words] 


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