20100503 prc welcome to our care

3/05/2010 prc welcome to our care


20100503 08:31

Am going to Matapaua on Wednesday morning for 3 weeks with J’s blessing. Will walk back from Motavation to continue working.

20100503 15:30 Cold!

^How may we know you as a lover of ours? It is the constant consideration as to the state of your being that dispels any doubt we have or have had so as to bring you within our ambit of care. Conscience humbly distributed over your life and its superficial concerns, nevertheless input into love for others carries concern for them that they may live in peace also.

The warmth you feel from us is to remind you of our ever-present awareness of you and your actions and attitudes, not so as to beguile nor ensnare, rather to monitor for attributes worthy of encouragement and fostering so as to love others as they need and want. This is not wrong. It is the overflowing of a full heart free from despair and longing, just caring and sharing that boon.

And so we remind you of our presence in anticipation of the days to come in isolation and peace and serenity, contemplating our direction and care for you as we say into your mind that which we have the intention to pass to you for your information. It will be a peaceful time, separated from your pastimes and diversions, free from the distractions of others and their movements, an opportunity for only our input to your detriment or love, placing emphasis where you may. Ours is unswayed from care for you and regard for others through you in due time fairly distributed across the face of the earth, giving neither fee nor favour to us, but merely ensconced in the domain of the physical and ensnared by its allure and delusion. Have we ought but this we would still say fare thee well in your role of saviour of your people into understanding of now-valid description in the language of peace.

This is our gift and our pleasure, to impart that which we know to those who have forgotten, as in a lost instruction manual for life by deeper understanding of its background motivation. Not random, not ever.

Playing the part of the junior partner though you may, it is in our interests to persuade you of the error of that stance, for we would have your ear more often than we do now in this rush for employment or wealth or status – that is not our motive. Rather we would share liberty of thought with you and your brethren, for to find liberty of mind as well as body is a great gift to the soul, bringing a sense of peace as to its future in harmony with each other and life as a whole.

We terminate this little essay on life at this point to merely say welcome to our care and love. We will speak again soon.

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