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2/01/1995 prc star of david


2.1.95 (ex diary)

Went to Richard Bentley's place for 1 am meditation (12:00 gmt). Met Serene(sp?) who saw more than I did of a misty fog surrounding/mingling with the group at the start of meditation. I saw a vague clump of fog & felt a wonderful warmth from it & assume it to have been a spiritual presence. Serene saw the fog form a Star of David between Richard & myself as we sat next to each other.

Q. What does this mean please?

A. The answer shall be long in coming. We advise that the auspices of the new year indicate the pleasurable and unpleasurable aspects of the coming years activities. On this occasion the aspect was only pleasurable, and indicated the realm of activities to be undertaken by you and Richard together during the year. With the change in his job and continued spiritual growth he can expect to reap the benefit of the hard work he has carried out in deepening his sensitivity during the last 3-4 years. He will be invited by you to participate in a spiritual development group for men only, to be carried out fortnightly on the 4th of March 1995 i.e. this year. When the group is formulated, it should blend the elements of Christian & Eastern thought with that of Alice Bailey as channelled now via Benjamin Creme. He (Richard) will wish to make an input in spiritual terms, & should be permitted by you to co-lead the group as a routine matter, sharing the roles between you. It will come to pass that you will develop a bond of affection as a consequence of this work that will be hard for anyone to break & will be the envy of your wives, who will see the activity as limiting their own contact with you. This should not daunt you, either of you, for it is part of a test to establish your credibility as a couple of sadder but wiser men in the spiritual tradition of service to the spirit rather than the carnal relationship, by which we mean the flesh-embodied selves.

We suggest an early conveying of this information to Richard to allow him to programme it into his busy schedules.

Also we suggest a venue be established quickly as the merits of your existing dwellings are low.

Further, we wish you luck in this departure from the norm of your expectations. The healing work will necessarily continue as before, and the group will grow. (We speak of the healing group at this point).

The focus of the new group will be discussion, with some meditation & channelling by you, as you have now been expecting for some time. The model is clear to you from your experience with Mamie Rae. She will expire soon and the spirit who has been with her will transfer his attention and activities to you, so have no fear as to the quality of advice you will channel. Empowerment of the individuals attending the group is the issue, as always. See the format is enjoyable fun, as well as being respectful but not serious. Richard is there to help prevent that, and should exercise his irreverent humour on every occasion to sustain a light and joyous atmosphere. This will challenge him, as he has been trained to be serious in his spiritual endeavours, but as you are well aware, fun is the only thing that keeps community groups together effectively and effective in their role and activities. (We apologise for straining your hand, but you are not at your keyboard.) The next question is the detailed focus of the group, and the agenda will slowly change with the composition of the group.

First is the meeting and greeting and getting to know the others, and setting your credentials before the group. CV's are in order, but should not be too lengthy. The incoming members are to be attracted from the general public by advertising by word of mouth only, at the spiritual churches and healing group. All comers are to be considered, and accepted if you both agree and after consultation with us for guidance if required, which it usually will be. This is important work, and should not be undertaken lightly, nor yet weighed down by it. We suggest that you consult with each other and plan all the details in advance.

We recommend a house meeting at a friends house which will be made available unexpectedly, but with sufficient time for comfort of communication. We further suggest a name descriptive of the purpose be meditated upon in order to clarify the role and function of the group, which must exist and survive on its own merits in competition with all the other activities in this town. The population is quite capable of sustaining another group with the unique focus of a men-only spiritual group, as there is not another in NZ at this time that we are aware of. The members of the present mens group will participate of course, although the membership will not and should not be confined to that. It is a new concept for this small city and will excite some comment as you may expect, but that should neither detract from its activities nor from its reputation except amongst those jealous of the idea and the energy released by the group, which will be considerable. (We note your failing energy and will desist at this point.) Best wishes for this coming year and long may your enthusiasm last with it. Love, Aramaia.

Star of David (Webster defn.)

1. a six pointed star formed by 2 (often interlaced) equilateral triangles

2. a symbol of Judaism and now the republic of Israel

3. as a mystic symbol in the Middle Ages called "Solomon's seal".

Q. Why was the Star of David seen by Serene?

A. We recognise the true intent of the question which may be formulated more appropriately as "why was the symbol of the Star of David used as an indicator of your joint intent to participate in the spiritual learning group? The Star of David has many meanings which are not in modern secular dictionaries such as you have consulted thus far. We recommend consulting a dictionary of religious iconography for a more complete list of the references to be used for this connection between you.

In answer to the question "why was the Star of David used to indicate a connection between you, the answers are; it is a clearly religious symbol, thereby indicating the general and specific nature of your joint activity both in the past, present and future, and also that the three aspects shared by you will become better known through the activity.

A. (continued from above) The sessions should be taped in order to capture the material for future reference. The world is becoming awash with records of spiritual interactions, and your task is to contribute to that.

The monetary aspect is very tricky and must be very clearly defined at the outset. We suggest a $1 fee payable to support the technology costs, e.g. tapes. The group is to be self-funding i.e. not to be subsidised by any individual member in order to avoid ownership issues. You or Richard are to manage the funds, with records to be openly available for everyone to see if required. Trust must be unimpeachably preserved. The cost is low but not zero and can be easily afforded by every member. The frequency of per 2 weeks is sufficient and can easily be matched by every member to their existing commitments.

Your practise concern is not a real one, merely fright of performance to a critical gaze as usual. It will not affect your actual performance as it will be full trance induction in order to paralyse your ego. This is necessary. Welcome it. We foresee no problems, and as you are already aware, preconditioning of you has begun. The sudden tiredness is a symptom which can be trusted. The extent of trance will change over time of course, and will vary from night to night. It is not to be confused with the ability to sleep normally or abnormally and poses no risk to your health except if indulged to excess i.e. 4 times per day or more or a total of 14 hr per day. As you can see there is no problem. We wish you good night.

Added 20110413: I have just realised that this record identifies the Fred identity as = Mamie's guide (which escapes me now)

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