20200306 prc Deva research group_intro text

We have some answers for your queries:
To the question "is there an identity within the house capable of manipulating physical objects like doors?", the answer is yes.
"Is there any malevolence associated with that?", the answer is no. It is, on the other hand, an entirely helpful identity associated with, now, this property. And on hand to give such assistance as may be required during physical break-in or entry by unsavoury persons. The influence on such individuals is unclear, uncertain but not impossible. The opportunity is to foil such attempts and begin to develop a reputation of this as a blessed house, for which we have the opportunity to thank those individuals associated with that intention.
The motivation for raising that possibility is to bring into this side of the river a countervailing force to address the contrary influence. The proximity to the old church is a mitigating and complementary factor, in the sense that whereas that was once consecrated and effective, it now no longer is so. And it is to infiltrate this neighbourhood with a higher-level energy so as to informally and yet spiritually reconsecrate it, that this initiative has been undertaken. There will be those who can feel that change and value it. Not all can and not all will. And not all will welcome that. But that is the nature of the human domain.
The initiative into re-sensitisation and acceptance of an easy perception concerning the devic world is a corollary to the foregoing. It is built on the foundation of work done these many years in terms of purifying and simplifying the cognitive awareness, the emotional spectrum able to be manifested, and the movements in willingness to bequest agape (WtbA) that have occur
ed so far in this life for you.
The participation in initiating the deva research group need not be advertised, except amongst those who are naturally attracted towards the group. But within that, the documents accumulated so far can beneficially be circulated. To format them into an identifiable proposal will assist that process, and so we wish now to add a contextualising message as preamble for the material accumulated to date.
The proposal can be introduced as follows:
Within NZ there are several strands of history both cultural and spiritual, which can be accumulated together, whereby the ancient knowledge from the various different ethnicities and religions now brought present into this country by the variety of migrants, has enabled a cross-cultural perspective to be prudently adopted without risk to any prior belief-set from any such culture. Every culture has its myths and beliefs concerning the experiences of the variety of spiritual identities that, from time to time, interact with human awareness and identity. The opportunity now exists in order to both acknowledge all such historical cultural spiritual experiences, and find common ground within that, so as to enable every culture's experience to be supported by every other culture's experience.
This initiative therefore is able to be asserted as a spiritually initiated refreshing, in order to address the post-materialist world of the human. Materialism as a philosophy, a belief-set, a stance by which to attempt to analyse identity and consciousness, has failed. Although it has been responsible for dragging authority from within religion and displac
those prior certainties, there nevertheless remains the multitude of human experience which cannot be satisfactorily explained away by that scientistic approach to life. That therefore requires, as a means by which to honour and accept and provide a framework of understanding within which that multitudinous experience exists, so as to support such individuals having such experience, as people of good character and sound mind.
From the materialistic perspective, such
experience can only be rejected. That too narrow viewpoint is simply inadequate for the task of explaining such experiences within awareness. And so is able to be
recognised the necessity for a broader philosophical ground to be invoked, as a context within which such categories of ordinary spiritual experience, because it is very common, to be defined in such as way as to respect the individuals who experience such things, to honour their sensitivity and to account for their experience.
There are a variety of serious attempts in progress internationally in order to generate this common ground, and this small initiative is one of that type. The intention here is to acknowledge those sensitive individuals, to enable them, should they wish, to seek out such classes of spiritual experience and to place that on record using the normal tools now available. The records will accumulate slowly and an accurate and precise standard is to be aspired to for such records. As with so many other categories of so-called
experience, it is the careful accumulation of data that matters.
And so although this is an informal beginning, it falls within the aegis of the
and seeks to contribute to the breadth of information acquired through these decades.
Mm! Good to know.