20100415 prc gurdjieff dissociated

15/04/2010 prc gurdjieff dissociated


20100415 11:57

I have just finished reading enough of ‘Gurdjieff in the Light of Tradition; Parts I & III: The Phenomenon’ by Whitall N. Perry

[Source: Studies in Comparative Religion, Vol. 9, No. 2. (Spring, 1975). © World Wisdom, Inc. www.studiesincomparativereligion.com] to recognise one of the darker spiritual identities at work, those who would present “an alternative view”. I have met more than one such, so can recognise the category of energy involved and want no part of it. I hereby dissociate in every way this teaching and my work from Gurdjieff’s manifestation and teaching. I have felt the choice has been offered to associate the two teachings, and I have made the choice to repudiate that on the basis of their incompatible characteristics and origins.

^This will have positive results.

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