19980519 je persistence pays

19/05/1998 je persistence pays


J/E Meditation Group               Tuesday 19th May 1998   Through June.

Good evening to you all.  We love listening to you.  All your questions  and all your answers.  You are probing for the truth and you will  find it.  You are critical of yourselves, but if you think back to where you were a few years ago, have you not made wonderful progress.  You were sitting in circles, you were looking at others in awe ... how on earth did they do these things?  You were bewildered and yet  persisted until this stage when now, you are doing these things yourselves.  

Yes, we agree with you, you still have a lot to learn and a long way  to go, is no one in your world who knows it all, as long as you are on this plane, you are always learning, always learning.  Some of the knowledge you seek, and some of the knowledge is placed before you.  Yes, some  people do seem to pick things up easier than others, and there are also the plodders who have to swot for everything they learn, but you  are still people in this realm and neither is different from the other, you are all spirit people, you are all Gods children so in the part that counts, there is no difference.  Your education is man-made, its only of use to you on the earth plane, it is what is within your heart and within your soul is what matters. 

So don’t be  too hard on yourselves, work in your world so you can survive in it and be happy in it, but also keep in your heart the love, the peace, and the happiness that is necessary for your growth. 

Peace be with you all, and I will be back to speak to you again.  Keep the warmth  in your heart and the friendship in your group and the laughter in your souls.  Thankyou for listening to me.  Good evening.

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