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27/12/2010 festive season_carolyn dynamic


P ^We come on this occasion in order to bring greetings in the festive season, such as you choose to call it. The opulence and misery created at this time is remarkable and we elect to remark upon it.

The origins of the Xmas and festive season of course are lost in ancient history and were nothing to do with anything that has been supplanted or implanted into the ideas which have accumulated into the Christian festival, as the celebration of those was manacled onto the traditional midwinter solstice, as was the case, and the celebration of course was in the turning of the year from its shortest day with the promise of summer to come. The promise that yes, once again there would be food growing, in contrast to the absence of food and the risk that poor storage always presented to those agrarian economies, which meant the 99% or more of humanity at most times.

Therefore it is a worthy festival, but this is the wrong hemisphere for it. And so this is not even appropriate to the harvesting of the season's crops; it is misapplied in this hemisphere and yet the rigidities of humanity are such that it is seized upon in order to bring the social celebration, and that is its only value.

So the origins having been misapplied in this hemisphere and the values laden onto it by tradition carried from afar, the actual celebration is merely one of – it is a pleasant day, let us eat and share what joy we may, in company with one another.

And so it has become for most of the populace of this small country.

That is not wrong. The origins are legitimately forgotten. The present is in the present and not at any other time, and the fore-swearing of allegiance to family, traditionally significant, is now much less so than before with the guarantee of support shifted up a register to the level of the state rather than the family or clan.

And so we speak of these things in order to bring some clarity to the confusion surrounding these issues in the coercive arrangements within the family of origin of the woman Carolyn. And we have pleasure in greeting her on this opportunity and bringing what peace we may to a troubled mind.

The action of cleansing the aura is one which has the capacity to bring a considerable degree of peace, so we encourage that on this occasion as one step towards the process of letting go of the responsibility and the emotion, and allow the healing that can come from increasing distance from the ending of a long saga.

The saga began centuries ago. Be under no illusions that this is a present-day-only phenomenon.

The acquisition of wealth is the issue. The motivation to acquire wealth is most strong and generated most intensely by its loss. And that is the fundamental dynamic elected in this instance so as to, with a high degree of probability, produce, relatively late in the life, a minimal degree of wealth. To use that therefore as an encouragement, a motivation, a cause of sharpening of the wit, the mind, the observation and the memory is its prime objective, for there are now things to do which could not be done before.

Having achieved the planned objective of eliminating wealth from the life; being clear that wealth is a preferred condition, therefore constitutes the essential motivation for its recovery. And there are many possible paths to that, and the challenge is to find the optimal path from this point forwards.

The condition of seeking, aspiring to produce again that which was lost, is the essential motivation for the achievement of the planned objectives. And we will enumerate those at this time, for it is appropriate now, whereas it was not before.

The first objective of course is to generate a minimal income stream. That is the role of the state support. That is a minimum-level support which will enable, without excessive coercion, effective scanning of the options available. There is no definition of the optimal option. It is to be chosen using the skill available, and to select sequentially a series of such options is not wrong either, for the essential feature is the exercise of the highly tuned awareness, giving significance to the factors elected. So this is an exercise in discernment, as well as an exercise in productivity.

So naturally, to generate the most return for the least effort is the way to create the most wealth in the shortest possible time.

There are rich precedents for this which are now accessible to you, whereas before they were not. You have been wealthy many times and know it well. The objective is to resurrect the knowledge that is within you and find there the riches that can be created from that accessing of old understanding.

In that sense the only essential learning appropriate at this time is of the technology of choice, in order to support the business and the business model elected by you in your accumulated wisdom. And so meteoric rise is possible to the the extent that you access the old inner knowing. To access it consciously and deliberately and to seek it consciously and deliberately, knowing it is there, is the skill to be exercised at this time.

Therefore, understanding full well that the parameters of this is in order to provide a late race, in one sense, a race for wealth, while the bodily energy and capacity and intelligence and prowess is accessible to you in this current time, is also part of the exercise. So we would come to you on every occasion that you elect to call.

And so grow practised at recognising the opportunity as well as recognising the momentary lack, because it need be no more than that, to access the inner knowing. Simply to recognise “I don't know what to do at the surface layer of the mind. What is the answer?”, addressed to the deeper layer of the mind.

For that, a degree of stillness is necessary. Having been thoroughly accustomed to being thoroughly distracted, part of the exercise now is what has already begun, the preference for enough quietness in order to enact the accessing of the deep inner knowing through the still, small voice.

So in these weeks to come the first requirement is to gain confident understanding of the experience and the personal mastery of the deep inner knowing. From that all else follows. [end]

P There you go.

C Wow! Bloody hell!!

P Does it make sense?

C Mm. Wow!

P Does it feel right?

C Well, I don't now where the deep inner knowing is, but we should have a fossick around and see if we can find it.

P I reckon.

C Cool !!

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