20100826 prc agape rubber band ascension model

26/08/2010 prc agape rubber band ascension model


26 August 2010, about 05:12

I've woken with the issue of explaining the ascension model as illustrated on the front cover of the sample version of Agape & the hierarchy of love text with the graph on the front cover, and the idea of using a piece of rubber band or similar stretchy material, to illustrate the local reality that the hierarchy of everyone is to be considered the same, by virtue of the magnified view of any section to that graph proceeding from low to high when the scale is examined in detail at the level of its actual occupants.

And so to imagine standing in front of the assembled pupils of the school, having a piece of shortish rubber band and emulating with it the angle of the graph in its small scale form, obviously being quite steep, of the order of 30 degrees, and then zooming on the region of 30 on the scale of 65 by stretching the rubber band. And that can constitute a sufficient example by stretching it a metre in width and then the thought experiment of taking it out to a kilometre and then whatever scale it represents to look at a unit of one step or ten steps, whatever it may be, in Agape progression, and see if people still think that there is any difference in level.

And that what that does is to bring the focus of attention not on hierarchy, with its natural social attractiveness, but on agape progression in order to focus to any degree on ascension. And that should effectively constitute a disconnect between animal social hierarchy and ascension hierarchy because advancement is horizontal, not vertical.

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