20080727 prc chakra frequency_1000 petal lotus metaphor

27/07/2008 prc chakra frequency_1000 petal lotus metaphor



I've just had an insight into the relationship between the traditional Hindu description of the chakras as having less or more petals in their image as a lotus flower. And that is easily relatable, I think, as a metaphor of frequency for the vibration and activation of the base chakra is coarse and low-pitched, perhaps 10Hz, almost slow enough in order to have each oscillatory peak countable. The others seem higher pitched than that in frequency. I have not had clear perceptions in such a manner but I am well aware that the brow and crown chakras are an even fine and steady pitch, a sense of very high frequency. So I think that comparison between metaphors is valid.

It would be useful to have indicative numbers on that relationship because I've never previously understood the meaning of the 1000-petalled lotus as directly related to the feeling of or sense of connection to a high frequency source in contrast to the base chakra and the ascending octaves, perhaps. Interesting.

It seems appropriate to recognise that carried through history tend to be visual images drawn by someone visually oriented, conveyed through a visual image most meaningful to a visually oriented person. But that, as I am myself more aurally oriented, that the idea of frequency, the experience of tones of different pitches is more naturally attractive and understandable.

^And so these classes of metaphor are conveyable to individuals and between individuals subsequently in the process of indoctrination into the realities of the spiritual life. These metaphor-sets are biased according to the predilections of categories of individual and the aural metaphors are less easily transmissible across cultures and through time in a given culture than the visually recorded images. Therefore what we are sharing with you is appropriate to your predilections and nature rather than what would be appropriate to some other person's predilections and nature. Therefore understand that some of the aspects of this teaching received by you is biased according to your liking and forms. This is one of the aspects of that.

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