20190222 prc PhD idea for Keith

Keith has asked my opinion concerning his idea, arrived this week, to commence study towards first a resea
ch masters then PhD, in order to gain entry to and then influence the academic debate concerning spirituality and push-back against the materialist worldview, as commonly held as being true in Western culture. I've listed the questions, understanding them to be already known through my eyes and perhaps contributed to in their gestation. And my responses already made in the email now written but not yet sent.
I request in support of Keith's query, a second opinion and/or a direct channelling in relation to his question?
1. from what level has that idea arrived to him?
2. Is it mere distraction?
3. Does it represent the best potential support for the worldview being promulgated by our spiritual supervisors?
4. Will it enable the required level of status to most successfully promote that worldview amongst populist or academic writers?
5. Will it most efficiently contribute to international debate against materialist culture?
6. Please advise the set of reasons for Keith to do a PhD from your perspective?
^And so we would have to say that the questions are sufficiently diverse and encompassing so as to permit a ready reply and contribution towards a response to Keith's query.
It has been necessary for Keith to reach a point of development in his own estimation as well as those of others, whereby the idea of entering a
ademic debate in the topic in question is both attractive to him and financially available to him.
The questions can be responded to directly and with accompanying commentary. And so we can confirm that the idea has arrived to him by direct inspiration through his higher self and from those whose initiative it has been to undertake the entire project of development and subsequent inspiration of both of these individuals, Peter Calvert and Keith Hill, and thereby comprises a fallback position, in the sense that the initiative to stimulate your own (Peter's) path into academia fell short of its intended goal.
So therefore Q2, is this a distraction? is false.
Q3. Yes
Q4. Populist writers are of little consequence. Academic writers, on the other hand, are many and prolific in their opinions and the most that could ever be achieved is to add one particle of academic weight to a particular angle of the complex discourse. Anything so profound as an expectation that this effort will bend or sway or overcome any
to the contrary is therefore completely unrealistic. Nevertheless, this transmission comprises a significant intervention into humanity and deserves the best quality of support which is available. It will take a century for it to be recognised as such, and then only within a narrow segment of then existing cultural understanding. Nevertheless, begin!! Or at least, continue.
Q5 has already been answered.
Q6. We have already partially answered that by giving our perspective, but we may enhance that in the following way:
Internationally there have been very few directly inspired individuals who have themselves held academic qualifications, such as to make it easy for any population of humans to consider, evaluate and then take on the perspective offered. The Buddha is one, in the sense that in
those days, and being the son of a prince, he received the best education available at that time. Being the spiritually experienced individual he was, there was already a willingness and predilection for evaluating life at the time, which he then did, to the benefit of millions and more. Given the complexity of contemporary society, it is extremely unlikely that any opportunity we may present comprises any more than a minor strand in any subsequent discussion. And it will be through multifactorial evaluation across multiple inspired sources that any valid evaluation can arrive at any conclusion concerning the broad sweep of such aspects of understanding as spirituality, or the materialistic worldview.
Nevertheless, as we have already expounded, multiple individuals both in contemporary culture and upcoming generations will receive and are receiving additional perspectives by which to bolster the pragmatic understanding that every human is spirit first, foremost and always. And the extension of that into acquiring the status of teachable fact remains a long way off, and yet that is the ultimate goal. Therefore, in the cut and parry of vigorous academic discourse and evaluation, the foundation already given and the fashioning of that into formats and constructions able to be presented at the international level, is an activity best enhanced by the gold-standard of qualifications. And the topic area is irrelevant, as already well understood.
So this initiative has already been well thought through and the recipient of that inspiration, Keith Hill, is already aware of these things and we merely offer confirmation. Be in no doubt that this is the single most desirable outcome as support for subsequent productivity already promised.
Thank you very much!!