20101029 prc 230 cleared

29/10/2010 prc 230 cleared


20101029   16:21

I elected to not record last evening’s med group so record here that Carolyn reported 230 people in spirit from the various cemeteries we have visited coming present but only one doubtful individual (male) who objected to being bossed around by the woman group organiser.  Then he saw his long-dead wife in the distance waiting to greet him so he thanked us and the group was all gone.  Cold now at 25.3 deg.C.

^We come on this occasion to affirm the non-necessity to continue recording for the remainder of this year.  We agree there are too many untranscribed sessions to continue accumulating them given your existing workload and the inefficiency with which you are addressing that.

Nevertheless all is adequate at this point so no harm will be done to the overall scheme of data collection.  In addition, all the existing recording can satisfactorily be transcribed before the middle of next year so there is no harm done.  This has been your decision and we concur with that as adequate.  Thank you for your admirable attendance to our needs.

In further addition we revise our estimate of the time taken to adjust the cartwheel bearings to your requirements, and this of course is another test.  What we really mean to say is that it is worth recording also that Carolyn acquired of necessity the first experience of writing her bequeathed words.  This experience will result in a long history of recorded musings that she will treasure as you have.  That was our objective.

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