20060301 prcjlo turmoil ahead

1/03/2006 prcjlo turmoil ahead


Prcjlo 20060301 Through Janet

^My initial task is to make a re-acquaintance with the one with whom I fit. It is some years now since I have been in this place. Much has changed in the interim. Much growth has taken place, much learning has been absorbed, much physical interaction has occurred in the emotional realms of this individual, that have resulted in her being both a fuller and a lesser identity. There are acts which have extended her spiritual being. There are acts which have reduced this being, but this is the force of evolution. Not strictly outwards, but contracting and expanding, pulsing, as the human heart.

I have come to decree this period as a period of consolidation. One in which ends will be tied off, and there will be a degree of retraction as a snail retracts into its shell. We have come to forewarn that following this period of consolidation, there will be a period of extreme change, and we foresee this as being perhaps a year to 18 months hence. We urge you to gather within yourself a strength of spirit to meet the challenges ahead. We will continue to be your guides, and we encase you with love, and encourage you to look within for sustenance and strength.

Through Peter

(a very peaceful energy approaches) ^We come on this occasion once again, to bind and blend the energies together between you and us, and those who stand behind us, so as to form a harmonious whole within which to function together for this short time. The opportunities always exist for breaking apart in disharmony, and also for restoring that harmony, and we find ourselves pleased that that has been possible between these two, challenged as you both are by the activities of a third member. And so we would absolve you of blame jointly and severally in this working out of ancient tendencies and trends, activities long past, and presently subjugated into the rules and proprieties of this culture in this time. For as you know, these are not constants but variables across time and space, and what can seem anathema in one time and place is a norm at another. So be not too harsh upon yourselves one to the other in these times of change. Rather, cling together in mutual support, because the change is the constant factor. So we would rend and weld your hearts together rather than asunder, as is our policy and custom to do. These issues are nearly exhausted. The conjunction formed in this time and place for association for the three in question has run its course, and soon there will be other attractive identities and activities for that young soul to attend to. The return therewith of harmony in enhanced form between these two will create further opportunity for us to continue as we would to convey our blessings, small though they may be, on this community of two, and those whom they know and love.

The willingness that we have to share with you is similarly matched by your willingness. You know this, we know this. It is through coming together in these ways that we fan the smouldering embers of joy into the flame of trust again. So be gentle with one another all three, and cast not harsh judgement, but understanding and tolerance. Though the standards of these times seem to have been transgressed, in the playing out of older issues is the activity in motion.

So we come at this time to bring that viewpoint, specifically, and also to cast the collective mind forward, then to other activities, beginning as they do at this time, and mentioned earlier. The capacity that you have developed for tolerating a significant rate of change is to be tested. The relative stability of the past year will come to an end, and we urge your willingness to jointly communicate in depth over every issue that you may find necessary, with a keen expectancy of acceptance. Different viewpoint though you may each have on any particular issue, neither is the sole valid viewpoint or perspective. And so we resist specifics at this time. There will be many opportunities to question the trajectory of activities and consequences, effects and challenges that will result. So be alert for trends indicating the domain in which these changes will occur. We wish to specifically avoid conditioning your expectations in any degree, and so we refrain from conveying to you at this time what is visible to us, yet invisible to you.

P Well, bugger. A hint would be nice! ...

J Before you started I experienced a very strong spiritual entity come on this side (between us) and was reminded of the hand binding, and I felt it.

P Does that mean we’re in it together?

J Maybe.

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