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02:40 (Summer time)

I've had difficulty sleeping this night and now, after I think 3 x 1.5hrs I've woken again with the clear message “get up now.” And so I've come to the computer. And it turns out, to record several things. I don't know what that means yet.

^There are several means by which the individual may be raised from sleep or kept from sleep or sleep prevented and all three of those things have been utilised this evening.

The first issue in question is that of the woman Vicki Pennington. It is now completely appropriate to reveal the background connections and bring more clarity to that once-promising relationship.

There have been five occasions on which there has been liaison of one kind or another, although never marriage. And it is that which brings the particular character to the interaction. The sense of acting from lust alone therefore the natural focus upon that and the sense of latent wariness although recognition. There has been hurt. There have been babies. The relationship has always been one of you as male, her as female. And that sense of innate untrustworthiness is behind that innate wariness, particularly on her part, of course, because she has been left carrying the babies. And so we would detail some few aspects. The first was in Cornwall in 1543. It was a simple attraction between simple young people.

The second was in the north of England in 1745 and involved a long dalliance between a master and his servant. Although the wooing was extensive, it was clandestine and did not result in any issue, meaning no child, because the identity now known as Vicki had learned of the cost of indiscreet association.

The next was in 1839, this time in the west of England in a farming community in which you were the farmer and she was another farmer's wife. The inevitable attraction occurred although the recognition was not understood and once again there was indiscretion because you forced yourself upon her. The resulting pregnancy was disguised successfully and she carried the secret to her grave on that occasion. But you were no longer welcome in her eyes.

The last occasion was in 1943, where you met briefly while you were on your way to war. It was almost a chance passing and no recognition (occurred).

That brings the situation to the present and these liaisons and associations and wooing and loss form the background which conditioned the nature of approach in the present time into something significantly out of character. A careful discussion and restoration of present trust could result in a more easy friendship.

The next issue is that of the association with the man Brett. His exploration of things spiritual has scarcely begun. He is at a phase in his life when the mundane is a necessary strong focus. In twenty years that will have mostly passed and there will come an opportunity to renegotiate a degree of interest between you. He has some potential as a leader, although he has much to learn.

The third thing is the commitment to support the woman Carol (Collier). Her role as president in the TS in Hamilton will stretch her capacity and enable her to shape the intention for that lodge away from the book-based learning and towards an intuitive and feeling approach which has been missing in that lodge for 50 years. That is worthy of our support. And so we despatch you explicitly carrying that message to inform her that she has our explicit support whenever she wishes it.

The support you elect to give her is a matter of your personal choosing and it is inappropriate that it should intrude upon and take away from the necessary focus on our own intentions focussed here. Nevertheless we wish you to visit her in Auckland and despatch you in some few days and perhaps in the weekend, in order to convey that explicit message.

P Oh, that's it.

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