19980817 prc imprimatur of deathing

17/08/1998 prc imprimatur of deathing


1998.08.17 12:42

I feel somewhat confused as to the implications of your last statement. Please clarify?

>Certainly. The outcome of the aforementioned statement has our implication that it will host for you a reduced awareness of the proceedings regarding ASNHH and all it stands for. That should not concern you, yet it does. It is our intention that you should become a voice crying in the wilderness for radical change of the procedures of encountering the input phase of this domain, i.e.,. death. That radical change can only be brought by someone well enough qualified to act as impremateur (as heard) for the process of change at the societal level. There are many others working at that level already who would welcome the input you are potentially capable of giving them through the work you have already done in promoting an understanding of the truthfulness of discarnate survival and its implications for deathing procedures. If you wish to, you may still elect this option. It will not harm you nor your family or friendships.

P What are the prerequisites?

>Only trust, patience, and persistence in achieving your goals as presently formulated.

P Thankyou. I will. So be it.

NB imprimatur: a license to print a book, esp. one granted by the Roman Catholic Church. (figurative) sanction; approval; [Latin; imprimatur: let it be imprinted].

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