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20/08/2010 prc validation over_just optimal models


2010 August 20 ~15:00

The insight I've just received is that it's time to move from validation of the existence of the spiritual domain, to merely seeking optimal models to describe it. Given that there is a very long history of populations internationally who have never had any doubt (and that is contentious) but at least to those populations in history who have never had doubt, irrespective of those constituents of such populations who have had doubt, there is sufficient both historical and current awareness and understanding of the existence of a separately describable domain known as that of the spirit, to move from proof of it, because it seems to me there is abundant proof for any person who seeks to simply accept that or who has been conditioned into it, and look to the models given as improved modern descriptors.

So rather than relying on ancient words which, particularly if using ancient metaphor, are obscure, if only because of their reliance on ancient metaphor which is not easily comprehendable now, then to present the recently acquired models since 1993 as just that, models by which to form a language by which to describe experience in that domain, is sufficient. And no more need be asked for.

For those who proceed in ignorance and unwillingness to engage, they merely reserve the right to do so and will come to understanding at another time and place. And those who understand now can find companionship and collusion together, improved by modern metaphor, which suffices.

So I have felt the tipping over from urge to prove into comfort with merely describing, and I presume that's the reason I have been called to meditation now, and an insistence to get the recorder.

Which implies that this is a good day, the last day of the semester before two weeks of mid-term break. Yet my uncertainty remains over the reasons for delaying the MPhil while I acquire a better appreciation of colour, a slight increased appreciation for art history, the capacity perhaps to integrate meaning through art motif. I presume it is to increase my capacity to engage in visual dialogue or to better support text with appropriate visual dialogue, or perhaps I should say monologue, explanatory visuals.

Perhaps this is just the opportunity to relax away from the issue of proof, which is unprovable anyway. If proof has not been available through history, through the millions and untold millions of people who have gone before, perhaps any expectation at all that what has been shared with me could make any difference is 100% unrealistic.

Which means perhaps that more play is possible.

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