20090514 prcjlogrb models internally consistent

14/05/2009 prcjlogrb models internally consistent



J (We look like) a group of Martians sitting around (wearing these headset microphones) ;-)

P Think Spock or something similar :-)

J Trekkies! :-)

P Well we didn't have the meditation this morning as it turned out as there was a noisy machine close to Heidi's home.

J Richard you are being called upon to address the intention.

R Let's focus on our heart chakras and see a link between the three of us at the heart level and let us set our intent to allow that link to grow and for the energies surrounding us to expand and shine forth so that those in spirit who are of a positive nature and have things to teach us and to say to us are attracted and know to come and that we are ready to speak to them. And let's clear our minds of the debris and dross of the day and relax and focus our attention on holding the heart triangle and also on the brow chakra. And we ask those in spirit who come with good intent to make themselves known to us at the appropriate time. And in the meantime, lets focus on shining out our light and love from our triangle out into the world and beyond into the spiritual realms. …

P ^We come on this occasion this evening in order to confirm some suppositions made in recent times.

The first of these suppositions relates to the schema, as we have constructed it in your perception, for the nature of life in spirit to conform to a coherent and self-affirming set of models, that is, internally consistent models. On this particular occasion we affirm the assumption reached this day concerning the relevance and adequacy of the image of the spiritual identity to be translated into a component of the embodied identity when in enspirited. And that that was the basis on which and the reason for which the imagery was shown in the meditational retreat in recent weeks. This is sufficiently internally consistent to be superficially acceptable to a large number of person unskilled in the direct perceptions but able to easily imagine the translocation of the spiritual identity into the bodily form and back out again, its apparent form unmodified whether in body or out of body. This is strictly untrue but convenient as a component of a model set by which to coherently represent and sufficiently accurately represent the participation within physicality of the spiritual identity. And so remaining clear that this is an explanatory metaphor comprising now a large number of models it is nevertheless sufficiently close to reality and sufficiently coherent as an instructive tool for those unable to directly perceive, whether through their preconceptions and preconscious processing through iconic forms and indoctrination or not, it still is nevertheless adequate as a transmissible set of images through a variety of languages by which to create the impression that this is how it happens.

There will be some supportive imagery located in due course by which to bolster the existing imagery by creating the impression that other people have seen these things also and illustrated them in similar fashion. The extent to which it is at variance to the reality is not at issue because these are generally invisible realities to the untutored mind. Therefore exactitude is unimportant – representational images are sufficient.

This opportunity can be taken also for confirmation of the adequacy of the present publication. It is sufficient to its intended purpose. The promulgation of that through the community will happen at a sufficient rate for a small percentage of the population to be influenced, which is all that we can expect. The assistance of the influence can be as planned. There is no necessity to specifically advertise the material other than in the principal city in this small country. The real opportunity I snot in this country but external to it. So therefore it is more appropriate to focus on the international channel of communication, by which we mean the associated websites and it will become featured on multiple websites in due course. There need be no extra websites created by this individual or those close to him for that purpose. They are too insular and parochial in their focus and availability for the major opportunity such as it may be for that particular publication. In due course with the accumulation of others and in the ten year time frame will be time enough to concentrate them within a specifically identifiable and marketable form in the medium, being the internet.

So there is no urgency in this. The one hundred year time frame means that there is no urgency in any of this. Therefore be at peace.

J Bless you and thank you for coming. … I have a very strange sensation in my ears and I'm told I'm waiting to hear what Richard is about to say. So Richard, have you got anyone with you?

R I think so. It feels as thought actually two beings have kind of merged with me or -

J Please speak for them? They bid you welcome.

R ^We come to speak to you about the prospect of negotiating freedom. To all intents and purposes you are a child of the universe.

R And it seems to have gone.

P There was a very distinct energy present and I'm not sensing it now.

J Thank you.

R I don't actually think I was – I may have been tuned in initially but somehow I lost it.

P Let's go through the exercise of elevating ourselves on the hara dimension and see where we get to. …

J ^You would speak of the haric level and we would tell you that it is a place in which you would lose yourself. It is a place of experience, vivid and enchanting but one from which you are unable to take back your experience. It is a place beyond retention, a place of pure experience which will leave you longing for eternal peace. This is as much as we are able to tell you at this time.

P May we ask questions?

J Nope. “You may ask them of yourself”, is what I got. So I guess if you ask away you might get some response.

P Mm. That'll be why there is very little record, I guess.

R Do I take from that that you can experience the haric level but that you can't recall it, you can't take it back?

J That's what I understood it to mean too. …

P I've been having great difficulty seeing anything this evening and so I've just asked for a thorough cleansing of this place and seeming to get a feeling of flow so wondering if you are picking up any kind of sense of flow from the right or anywhere else?

R I'm feeling a sense of flow past me as if I was standing in a breeze of energy.

J Mm!!

P Yes, that's the sort of feeling I got.

J It's shared, then. …

P And now it seems to have stopped.

R Yes. …

J I think it's time for the healing circle.

P I was just coming to the point of wanting to ask the question – because since that cleansing flow I seem to be able to see a little further but I see neither identities nor activities around me in any direction. And we have for a long time been the recipient of specific and ongoing teaching by identities in spirit and I thought to ask the question “is that teaching complete at this time or not and if so, what is our optimum meditational focus during these times. If it is not complete, what is next?”

J I was told we were to wait and see and it will be a test of dedication.

P Ahhh, thank you for that! So we sit in trust.

J I thought we were sitting in your living room ;-)

(head-mics off – healing and closing indistinct)

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