20180828 prc Retreat again_TS no regret

I’ve just been resting in my Lazyboy armchair and I was requested to come to the computer. And I shut the door to J
’s bedroom and the smoke alarm went off and gave half a dozen beeps. So I have no idea what that has to do with anything!
(but I think it was a warning. Given the following, a warning was warranted.)
And I acknowledge and reject the opportunity for leftwards input. And I request that any spiritual linkage to TS and explicitly the negative cabal in Hamilton be disintegrated. Tim and Suzanne and Vicki and the other member of their group, while proclaiming love, have things to learn about it, I think, and I radically dissociate from that energy.
^And on the opportunity
presented and the choice having been made of with whom to associate, we come again and would advise of the opportunity to retreat again and our preference for that activity. It is of equal or greater significance than the model construction proposed by you and supported by us, as we recognise the necessity for structures in form to illustrate in three dimensions what is essentially a formless proposal.
The bulk of every population cannot differentiate one from the other. That means that 3-dimensional structures are a necessity in order to convey any indication of the intended meaning. There is nothing wrong with this, it is universal as a necessity (amongst every incarnate species).
And the notification concerning intention to join Meditation Australia is welcome and will provide some foundation for a growing awareness within the family of Paterson that they have a master meditator amongst them. It will matter eventually.
The content to be expected within the retreats proposed have as their general theme the matriculation of a meditator or group into competence and then mastery. A subset of themes will be concerning the transition out of materialism in the same way that materialism has ascended.
And so as with every other trend, in both the individual and society, there is an arising and a passing away. That theme is echoed
with the
arising and now the passing away of TS into insignificance and eventual annulment. Innumerable organisations have passed through that cycle of presence and then absence. There need be no grief. It has done its job. It has spawned many threads of association across the East-West divide. And been responsible for high levels of interest and absorption of world views across that divide in the last couple of centuries. It is not required now. There are other organisations and activities and themes of spiritual existence not dependent on that phenomenon and our own activities are one of those. Rather than demean or feel regret at the arising and passing of that organisation, its arising and passing can be celebrated, because it came into being, it functioned for a while and now it is dying. That is no different from any individual in their life. So that corporate life, if it can be thought of using that metaphor, is no different.
Our own activities will undergo a similar arising and passing. We know this and do not regret it. Indeed it would be premature, because the arising is far from complete.