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>The beginning only has been accomplished for the description of the human-type entities. As we were saying before there are many types and subtypes of infesting possibilities for human-type entities. We have listed the non-human type entities in a complete way, and have yet to do so for the other i.e., human-type, and begin now.

Hazards of meditation

First, there are three categories which apply:

1. The past-life attachments which are themselves dead but which do not recognise it

2. the future-life possibilities which are highly desired, so much so that they are created in the present as an attached pseudo-entity

3. the normal situation of a human person who will not relinquish their location for whatever reason. We will not go into non-human entities of non-parasitic forms at this time, but may do so on request at a future time.

Regarding situation type 1:

The non-human type entities are often accompanied in their willingness to cohabit with the alive and embodied human who opens themselves to the realm occupied by discarnate humans with the result of contact and communication. This highly desirable action is accompanied by the risk of other denizens of that domain becoming interested and attracted to that activity. Such attraction may manifest in various ways:

1. A willingness to merge with the entities involved in the communication process in order to attach themselves to the incarnate form for the purpose of extracting the energy available for growth and reproduction

2. A desire for any form of communication on the part of the incarnate human, combined with the absence of any discrimination on their part due to lack of sensitivity to and knowledge of the risks of destructive infestation, resulting in actual manifestation of a contaminated state

3. Willingness to associate with entities low on the love scale or low on the hierarchy scale or both

4. Ignorance of even such a distinction being made, and therefore a willingness to interact with anything vaguely alive in that realm

5. Unwillingness to positively discriminate on the basis of hierarchy and love (energy frequency), even if the sensitivity is present to know the difference

6. Wishing for avoidance of the physical domain by retreat into the other realm

7. Willingness to know the possibilities inherent in communication with the spiritual realm, willingness to explore, and unwillingness to listen to accumulated records of the experience of others who have located the hazards and reported them

8. As in 7 above, but with the added proviso of confusion between the levels of hierarchy i.e., anything that glows by the astral light is not necessarily representing goodwill from that domain

9. These and many other combinations are responsible for some individuals becoming infested by human-type or non-human type attachments, which must then be removed by competent others in the human realm, or, if accessible to and seeking support from higher realms in frequency or hierarchy terms, such attachments may be removed by entities from those higher levels.

10. The foregoing is a complete list, to the extent it can be described in abbreviated form. [543 words]


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