20060111 prcjlo vellutorosso_engage hs permanently

11/01/2006 prcjlo vellutorosso_engage hs permanently


P This is an experimental session in the absence of Janet on a Wednesday night. I have elected to experiment with 3 glasses Velluto Rosso red wine and attempt to judge the qualities of the experience. I seem to have little interest in the customary associations of erotic arousal. I have cooked chicken and vegetables, added chilli oil, feel kind of foggy around the edges as is normal after a couple of glasses of wine and yet there seems to be an expansiveness that is allowing of these things.

^We would argue that participation in this altered state is for the purpose of learning alternate realities. We suggest that the imbibing of food is postponed. It will not matter if it is cold, it will be as tasty as one might expect, given the ingredients.

This is an opportunity for connection to a higher level. We encourage you to stay alert, connected, aware, even while allowing the symptoms of an impaired processing due to the interaction of alcohol with the brain function.

The willingness to forgo immediate satisfaction in order to articulate stretched parameters of functioning is a mark of the enlightened soul. This category you have achieved very recently, the declaration of which is connected to the parameters of description and described in Tomorrow's God. It will do you no harm to engage in your willingness to undertake connection to those refined realms which you already inhabit. The energetic connection, coupled to your daily round of activities will see your potential catapulted into other levels and we specifically exclude those levels lower than you currently inhabit.

We note that you request a cleansing of the location in which you work. That has been carried out. We note that you request a cleansing of the activities and the locations occupied by those you love, and we are alarmed to find there are so few. So we adhere to your request and utilise the energy available to cleanse the activities and locations of those you currently love. The one currently titled MM is of particular interest to us as it is at her request that we come to you on this occasion for her attributes are such as to enable us to engage you in your body and mind for the purposes of pleasure. This pleasure is not so much of the body as of the mind and although the seeking for the bodily pleasures is commonplace and habitual, we would engage your willingness to encounter the pleasures of the soul. These are many and scarcely explored by you. This activity level is scarcely engaged by you as yet and we inculcate your interest towards that objective so as to enable your willingness to perceive those domains beyond the physical.

The engagement with the non-physical, that is, the energetic spiritual domains above the human is our highest priority at this time. Your capacity to encapsulate those objectives into a willingness to participate in those realms is the aspect of most interest to us at this time. And so we engage with you at this time so as to engender your interest in that direction and to seek to engage your interest and your cooperation so as to begin to educate you into the activities available to you in those domains.

The domains are as follows:

The150th level above your own; a 3000th level above your own; the 15 millionth level above your own and the 14x10^27 above your own.

We are aware that your current model does not include that last level, nevertheless that last level is for teaching purposes and does not represent the truth. There are as many levels as one may encounter. The limit is unapproachable so we may specify them as accurate without seeming to be limited by the teaching model currently prescribed.

We will take you to that highest level now, with your permission. It is arcane, it is suffused with love, it is dynamic in its willingness to accept all those who approach it consciously. For the purposes of this exercise we undertake to sustain your consciousness in order to invigorate your understanding and your willingness to pursue it. For that reason let us articulate the characteristics of that 10^27 level. It is love in all parameters. Accept it is acceptance of all degrees. It is willingness to engage without limit. It is acceptability personified.

In this domain we engender willingness to personify the individual. To endure with them the love that they have at their command. To encapsulate that with a willingness to engage to all depths of individual such as to transmute all negative potentials. It is the capacity to do this that ensures the individual is transfigured in their level of mundane reality. This is the potential, this is the promise, this is the actuality in this moment. We suggest that you submit to this opportunity. Cease your intention to contain the reality within verbal description into this simple recording technique and engage your higher self. It will have enduring impact. It is what you want. It is what we want. It is our potential to connect, permanently!

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