20051023 prcjlo approaching divinity

23/10/2005 prcjlo approaching divinity


J ^... to which we should aspire. Again there are reservations on the word should.

P Mm-mm.

^We could possibly replace it with the term may. So divinity is an aspect of being to which one may aspire, should one so choose. And in order to pursue the aspiration one needs to remove oneself from this earthly plane, which is of course part of the cycle of reincarnation. One reincarnates in order to approach divinity. There is, as you know, lessons in each lifetime. What we do here is confront you with the realisation that you know far more than you perceive to know and that taking any particular aspect about which you presume to know nothing and delving deep within, you are able at times to access prior knowledge or the well of knowledge of entirety that you possess within yourself, that you possess within your soul, and that is your birthright. This takes you one step further on our theme of removal from the earthly plane in order to extend your existence.

The ultimate removal of course is death. There are many small deaths to be had on the journey. Removing yourself from the earthly plane as often as you would wish and to remember what you experience during these journeys, and weave these memories into the tapestry of your life to make it richer and stronger. We urge that you put more effort into focussing on these out of body experiences.

P Focus in what sense?

^In analysing the connectivity of remote aspects of your life with current concerns and with …

J The threads broken. I think I heard a vehicle arrive.

P You've got good ears.

J Mm.

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