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1/12/2010 prc petercalverttrust is final repository


^And so begins another layer in the specification and description of the material at hand and yet to be gathered.

The organisation of the material at hand is proceeding apace. The initiative of today [making a date-sequenced list of OpenOffice archive copies of all files] is valid and to be concluded with all references to existent files and then added to in due course, as with this one. The organisation is to be complete and thorough.

The transparency of the texts accumulated over the years is to be impeccable. This is the sense in which impeccability as the warrior-priest has to be, is in this case an example of the capacity to order, catalogue, annotate, and fully manifest the teaching, which in this case is complete. What is yet incomplete is the specification of that, the preparation of that into a form more suited to the average reader.

The characteristics of the average reader as referred to in this moment is that of the thirteen year old educated ordinary person. So this is a specification for the adult reader of a newspaper, as is the international norm.

The exception, of course, is of the elite reader, of which you are one. The educated, extensively trained, widely read across diverse disciplines and with an ear and a taste for the legalistic and the anachronistic, in such a way as to extend the vocabulary far beyond the thirteen-year-old norm. That is the realm of the professional, the politician, and the policer of spiritual thought, that is, the priest.

So in these ways you are adequate for comparison with the best in the world. This is not your fault. It is your pleasure, and it is your progeny from that capacity which is sought in this instance. In that sense you are a master already, and there should be no requirement for apology of any kind to any level of inquirer. This is the characteristics which we have sought; this is the characteristic which you have manifested. This is the position by which you may be known.

These qualities are available in many locations at every time, so yours is not special in that sense, merely an expression of a particular class of education. With this we outline briefly that the material at hand is fashioned for one purpose and one purpose only: it is to be a well-documented historical record which can be consulted by those who elect to do so for any period in any future. Aware as you are of the many optional futures, this is the precursor to a range of optional futures and this is a record to be available in every one of them.

It is not that it is in itself particularly special, but particularly well documented, with particularly good references. That is its strength, that is its burden, and that is its pleasure, for we understand you to feel pleasure at the manipulation of these categories of knowledge.

That is a birthright, for it has been with your forefathers for many, many generations. It has also come down through your mother's side, and to that extent you are twice blessed.

These categories of knowledge are, further, built into your spiritual aspect as well as your familial aspect, so this is a particularly favourable conjunction.

We have withheld these categories of knowledge from you because you have had many transitions necessarily made through patterns of belief which have been thrust upon you in the enculturation within this particular corner of Western civilisation. In other times and places you were not so well blessed and even yet at other times and places, similarly so. Therefore these tools are not strange to you, for you have used them before.

Coming now to an examination of the material at hand, the complexity of the material is in one sense a challenge. It is also a blessing, of course, in terms of its completeness and the extent over which it ranges, that is, its breadth of focus. The assignation of that into a coding system whereby its breadth can be accessed is the next consideration. The commercial advantage of that will only make its evidence known in several decades from now, and in particular, in many decades past your death. That does not matter to you, we notice, and it is rightly so, for there will be no benefit to you nor your family by that time.

Nevertheless, the trust is established for that purpose, even though you knew it not at the time of its formation.

So these things are to be gifted to the trust in due course.

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