20201218 prc Contextualising fresh wisdom

^And now we may begin.
And I acknowledge and decline the proffered leftwards input as usual.
^So this is another adventure into a new topic area. The annals of wisdom are superfluous, for the context within what is scheduled to come is based on a pragmatic and unvalidated spirituality. The fact that it is able to be considered as unvalidated is of no consequence because this is the nature of any initiative. Because it is fresh and new, it is comprehensively unvalidated, therefore subject to comprehensive validation over time. The perspective able to be taken is no different from what has been delivered in these decades. The conceptual origins of the material is no different and we affirm at the outset that it is the unified reintegrated node of Dao-consciosness functional as transmitter of our consideration as to an optimal fresh beginning.
The topic of wisdom has an ancient history. The idea of collecting and collating information so as to construct an ordered and orderly array by which to confront the complexity of existence; the human ignorance of so many things; the willingness to subsume all unknown things to anthropomorphic projection of parental substitutes living in the sky or the underworld; has left its mark on the tendency for humanity to both proselytise and archive worst-case scenarios. We would prefer to introduce a best-case scenario if it could be considered as such. In fact, it is merely accurate. At least, that is our initial claim. And we claim the prerogative to claim exactly that, because this is a scheduled interruption into the course of history in the life of the human. That it might be seen by any other person as anything other than that is inevitable, and we have no difficulty with that idea. Nevertheless it is our task to set out the parameters within which wisdom can be construed as valuable.
The range of phenomena and behaviour able to be considered in either an unwise and ignorant fashion based on insufficient analysis, or a considered review based on a great deal of analysis and accumulated knowledge, is merely the contrast across time from the beginnings of the human experiment. That being now far in the past, it is merely appropriate to abandon that as a reference point and take as a foundation the present context of humanity as being universally educated almost without exception; universally well informed, and with a dynamic interchange by involvement with the information flow through the communication systems developed globally. This is a far different beginning from when humans first stood upright, and speaking metaphorically here, and considered their place in the world and under the heavens.
Yet because the information in circulation is now too much to be encompassed by any single mind, let alone any group in any culture, then given that context, the specification of the topic area needs careful allocation and an emphasis on generality. It also needs to be contextualised within the largest possible set of principles.
Mmm, a very short beginning.