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4/11/2013 prc fatigue



Sitting with my morning coffee I heard “we want to talk to you.”

^The fatigue which you are currently experiencing and still recovering from is primarily driven by the extended effort to correspond with us and to us and through us to access those domains of your curiosity. That is the sense in which it is nothing imposed, it is a direct consequence of your urge to know.

The fact that you gained rather more than you bargained for is a bonus, not an imposition. So we have no compunction in saying “welcome to the consequences of your curiosity!” And we say that with tongue in cheek, for we know that you understand that the choice to enquire is a necessary consequence of alert intelligence.

You have no difficulty with that, no limit on that and have transfigured your own identity-set so as to reverse the decision made on coming into this body to pre-configure that to a lower than optimal level.

Nevertheless the consequence of that is the bodymind is fatigued. The particular symptom of recent days and weeks of pain in mid to upper back on both sides coming upon you in spasms is primarily determined by the combination of the exertion of weeks ago regarding digging, when your actual lifestyle did not prepare you for that well and the centring of that within the context of the departure of your loved other.

The willingness to permit the departure of the loved other, support that departure, understand that departure, willingly self-denigrate in support of that departure is optimal in the circumstances but not kind to the bodymind.

So we seek a restoration of that in your own best interests as well as ours, for there is work undone as usual.

So we wish on this instance for you to take a few moments to re-centre and then release, for the release is overdue.

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On my way to Auckland yesterday I consulted Heidi Cramb, who helped me locate issues of transition and bitterness and dispensed the related Aotea rose essences. Additionally during that time, I traced an issue that manifested as flattened affect (via internal image of the lungs) at a very early age and a fractured and displaced heart as located by the left lung image being tilted leftwards. Behind that was light, so I either came into this life with that condition, or it manifested immediately. And my mind goes to the pre-birth experience of hearing my exhausted father say in exasperation to my 7-month pregnant mother “it's just another bloody mouth to feed!” Hence rejecting and devaluing me.

Integration of the fracture therefore became the issue and that fixed the lung displacement and flat affect, as indicated by the lungs images becoming 3D and blood red instead of grey-brown and pancake-flat. Afterwards all limitation and numbing of pain from my back muscles had completely gone, so I was feeling the full pain, but laughed in release. The integration went on overnight.

And last evening evening in the Auckland group I found it surprisingly easy to make playful jokes as a way of breaking down the rigidities in the group atmosphere. Keith also looked more relaxed and open than I have ever seen him, as if he was doing his intended life plan.

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