20060127 prcjlo background to culpability

27/01/2006 prcjlo background to culpability


^We wish to comment on the foregoing conversation in relation to the part that is being played by the association between these three not only in the present time but in the past.

There have been four, not seven, contributory associations. The other three referred to by the absent party are such as to constitute either an amelioration of previous encounters of an aggravation of the results of the previous encounters.

So the association is of long standing. It carries significant accumulated resentment and bad will and it is an opportune moment in the mutual history to address these things. It is for that reason that the association has been created in the first place. The issue is spiritual primarily, secondarily of relationship in the current time.

The aspects to be investigated progressively for willingness to participate in the resolution of these issues is that first of decision to be open to the investigation or not, a decision to participate in the investigation or not, and finally, a decision to share the developed feelings or not. Only if there is willingness on all of these levels is there any possibility of resolution.

The issues are ancient. It should not be misunderstood that this is a product of the present time.

The issues are extreme. It should not be misunderstood that these are trite or trivial matters in any degree. There has been attempted murder; there has been aggravated assault; there has been accumulated feeling up to the level of hatred. By expressing these things at the outset there is intended to be promoted and idea of the non-trivial nature of the association of these three parties assembled together in time and space for the outworking of this issue. It is not and accident, it is not an incident, it is by design, it is by your design, it is by your agreement, it is by your cooperative nature outside of time that has brought this conjunction in time and space.

Given all of the foregoing then and the intensity of the emotions previously evoked, it is to be understood that there are likely to be emotions evoked in the present which carry a degree of discomfort. If this can be withstood then there is some prospect of the situation being addressed and a positive result. If not then it can be postponed of course until another time.

The resolution of the issue is primarily one of those associated with relationship. The party through whom we speak at this moment is culpable. The issue is indeed one of responsibility, of choice-making, of wisdom or its absence in the past, issues of unbridled lust gaining the better of any degree of sensitivity to the feelings of the other.

This is a developmental issue of every individual. You are no exception.

The willingness that you have indicated to date of progressive undoing of the blindness and unwillingness to confront these things is noted and we may proceed upon that basis. The willingness of the other parties is yet to be established and they will have their opportunity in die course to participate or not as is their choosing. Should it only be an issue for the present party through whom we speak that will in fact be enough for him. The other parties have no necessity to be involved until they are ready and that would be whenever they choose to do so. There is no compulsion in this as in anything else.

So we wish on this occasion to merely introduce the dimensions of the situation, the opportunity that the situation represents, the willingness foremost and above all of self-transcendence and whether or not that exceeds the unwillingness based on the experiential discomfort. To react and move away from the stimuli is natural. To persist in the face of perceived provocation even in the absence of the truth of that provocation is natural. To wish to avoid the entire issue, given its accumulation is natural. This is an issue of willingness to go beyond one's zone of comfort in order to transform the nature of the soul.

This capacity is learned and absent in early phases. The willingness to even learn it is delayed. The compunction or lack is a consideration for each party involved. We wish to merely advise that these things exist, that they form the background to the present sense of discord and avoidance and so as to give proper appreciation within which a willingness to involve each party can be made in a valid way. Any degree of involvement is a valid choice. Complete refusal is a valid choice.

And so with best wishes for these investigations, in the rate that you choose and no other, we depart.

J Thank you for being here.

P In a word, bugger!!!

J (chuckles) My issue, is what you said? ;-)

P You know I can cope with anything (he says facetiously).

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