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H Did you want to put (light) a candle?

P No, I'm trialling a light. Any particular issues this week? You've come prepared?

H Just thinking if I want to write something down or draw it.

C Can I get a tissue before we start because otherwise I'll be tripping over everybody to get one? Thank you. :-) We can have them between us.

R Yeah, you might start me off ;-)

P I'd like to welcome you all here and suggest we start with a chakra activation just as an individual and personal process, doing it the way you choose. And I give thanks for the opportunity to meet together. …


P Caroline there seems to be somebody come to be with you. Are you registering that?

C I've been shaking my head which normally means there's somebody here but I cant connect.

P Ok. Give up any expectations about the manner and style, in case that's getting in the road. And it might be that the head shaking is a subconscious refusal.

C Mm. I don't think so. It's still shaking, no, probably not. ;-)

P It's just a possibility. ;-) …

C I haven't done this for ages so I don't know why I'm scared. … Peter, tell me to just start? :-( (sniffles quietly)

P It might be appropriate for you to do some internal processing until you can come to balance. Just open yourself on the auric level and allow the possibility of love and healing and ask for the pathways within your mind to be simplified.

C ^We bring you greetings.

P Welcome. Please activate the internal healing to simplify the mental level structure and emotional structure so as to decrease the necessity for emotional expression?

C ^At this time of great apprehension on your part for the adventure and endeavour you are about to unfold. You are excited and afraid, rightly so, as we have previously indicated that this is a major step in the pathwork as outlined. The steps you will take are part of the plan to manifest the greatest possible activation of the skills and talents you have gained so far and that you wish to put to the best possible use in your lifetime. You will gradually, carefully and clearly see these steps unfold in front of you. Do not be afraid. There is only right, you can't go wrong. There is only now the clear path ahead. Gently, carefully joyfully unfolding to lead you to the people and places, opportunities in adventurous discovery of what the world has for you and what you have for the world. Go in peace. You are guided and loved as you deserve to be.

P ^Take that message deep inside. Acknowledge its truth for you. Be willing to challenge all contrary impulses from earlier beliefs. What you have just been told is the truth. Your early decisions are mistaken. You are loved for who you are. You are worthy as you are. Thank you for that. Heidi, I saw someone come into proximity to you earlier on. I know what has been going on with Carolyn is perhaps diverting, but have you received any impressions?

H No, I haven't at all.

C There is something for you though. Has anybody else got it?

P No. The presence continues but I don't get the content so I guess it's just an opportunity to interact or communicate, be communicated with in your own time. Do we have any other feedback for Carolyn? Any other perceptions? Can you accept what you said?

P Yes thank you Peter. There's just something coming through for Heidi so I'm just sitting upright. I think it's a tall strong man.

M My greetings and deep – he talks a different language so they're putting it in English – I can't find the words – my deep love. At this time we feel your sorrow for the great man that we knew so little of but have come to understand his great nature, character and have great respect for him and for you in the many many years you have been together under the duress in your choosing of him. You have our utmost love and respect and dear – I can't find the word – in this time, know you have strength to meet this and our support in getting you through this time. We regret not being able to physically tell you how much we love respect and support you. Know it now, know it in the depth of your being you are perfect, perfectly loved, our perfect child. He's holding out his hand with something in it. A tiny toy of some sort. It tinkles, it makes simple music, maybe wind-up. It's playing a beautiful tune, a simple toy that turns and dances, a ballerina.

H Thank you very much.

C I wish I could have given you all the energy that goes with it. …


P … Let's take the opportunity for a little catch-up? What's been going on for you, Richard?

R Almost nothing. Except that I have been conscious that my left side felt – when we started you suggested that we do chakra cleansing. My left side was quite inactive and it's now balancing the right side, which feels much more comfortable. But I haven't had any insights or communications.

P What about you Heidi?

H No, virtually nothing. Occasionally a little bit of colour, but most of it went so fast that I couldn't get hold of it. But very peaceful.

P If you are wanting to capture these impressions of colour you might need to negotiate with the rate at which your perceptions arrive to you. In other words, if they are too fleeting it might be possible to have the internal communication “sorry that's too fast, slow it down.”

H Ok.

P Because you are an active partner in this communicative process and so if it doesn't suit, request that it be changed and you might find that either your own perceptiveness can speed up or the rate at which these things are delivered to you can be held back a bit to provide a better match. But if you don't say anything, if you don't adopt that active role then it can be forever in accessible.

H Right.

P Just by such a simple query or requirement. Because you can require. You have that authority in your own interests. Just a thought.

H Is there anybody else who has this colour? Here or elsewhere?

P Only one other person.

H And do they have longer input of colour?

P I don't know. Just be curious and ask for all the information and understanding that you can. That can be your gift to us because we don't have that access, you do. And I'm presuming that Pamela is just quietly blissing-out there?

H And what about yourself?

P I tracked these two identities that came in and I have been trying to scan lower down and asking questions like – if we're supposed to be processing some of these identities who for which purpose the group exists, then where are they? And I've not spotted any and I haven't felt their approach. There was a bit of a change in the feeling of the energy a little while ago but that just seemed to come calm again. There was waves of feeling and at one point I thought it was suddenly darker and then I realised is was no longer daylight ;-) And so it was really darker and that was a genuine simple optical perception. I don't think it was anything else. Apart from that, as with you, not a lot. And I notice that it's 9:00pm

H Mm! And what about you, Carolyn, apart from -

C Unfortunately I've thought of all the things I've got to do tomorrow :-)

P Yes, and it's a great opportunity for that.

Pm (yawns)

H Hello, you're back!

Pm Mm, a very peaceful time. We had beautiful energy join us twice, very uplifting energy surrounding us. That was my awareness. Thank you, that was lovely!

P For me also it was a great opportunity for review of interaction that I've had with another person in the last couple of days from a very balanced perspective.. And that will allow me to re-approach that person and offer ongoing dialogue. When you've known a person for quite a long time and then you finally express something which addresses the differences in values or patterns of value that one has, it can be either the abrupt ending of relationship or the opportunity for mutually respectful ongoing dialogue. And I know which I would prefer. So that's been useful for me tonight.

(ongoing conversation not transcribed)

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