20181209 prc Balance vs bias on emotional spectrum

I've woken early on a windy morning to the sound of the garden being flung against the house. And my thoughts have turned to the manifestation in the Gore meditation group of coarseness - coarse emotion, coarse language, pain, tragedy, and the reaction against that pain and tragedy by the suicide of a person known
one of the group. And how the approach of that person to the group after
death seemed to trigger the expression of even more coarseness on the emotional level, pain and a sense of the tragedy that was her life and her reaction to that life.
And it all seemed so close to the physical.
nd the tendency of groups in society to cluster towards the coarse end of the spectrum of emotionality, in which avoidance of the tender and loving is the norm. The blokey, jokey, rambunctious, in contrast to the tender and quiet and still, so often confused with the feminine, but which is actually just a different conjunction of the emotional and spiritual range of emotions. But in this culture, somewhat less common. The
sensitive, perceptive, far-reaching knowing of the breadth of capacity in the human, unconfined to the coarse end of that spectrum.
And it occurs to me that the benefit of gathering together in a spiritual group is to spend precious time focussing on the sensitively perceptual, rather than the all too familiar blokey end of the spectrum, where rough jokes are the norm and very commonly there is social pressure to conform to that end of the spectrum, rather than the other.
And were we as familiar with the sensitively perceptual end, there would be little value in gathering together in order to practice those preferences and be able to skilfully manifest and transition between every part of that spectrum, moving easily between the emotions associated with every part of that, the states of mind and being appropriate to every part of that, and be able to manifest our loving nature at every part of that spectrum. And yet to the degree that we have forgotten, by insufficient exposure to the intrinsic tender loving nature of our essential self, we need the practice to enable our manifesting of that less common end of the spectrum, in order to provide balance and ease and comfort in the manifesting of our choice.
^And so this awareness sharpens up the distinctions between a social group and a spiritual group and the emphasis appropriate in each. And in a social group, the sensitive, tender, caring, loving nature is all too often subsumed under and buried beneath the coarse, blokey, sometimes savage humour, in which pain and provocation is a frequent component. The question is, what is the choice which is possible and what is the choice which is made and where does benefit lie?
The opportunity of the spiritual group is to take us out of our daily routines and the nature of the social circles and remind us there is a finer aspect to our nature, and provide a supportive social circle by which to explore those aspects, so as to enable equal facility, where circumstances call for their expression, so as to not be overwhelmed in our identity, and balance our daily practice in physical existence with a measure of what is natural in our nature in our spiritual existence, so there need be zero embarrassment at manifesting those faculties of feeling, but just as much certainty as to what is natural to us as spiritual beings.