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And the language so far does not sit comfortably with me. I wonder what the opportunity is here? And so I request a full cleansing. (bodily shudder) And I elect to distance myself from the envelopment (as if in a black rubbery substance I could peel
or shrug
off) that I sensed and extruded it away from me. How interesting. No doubt that was responsible for the content of the dreams I was having slightly earlier this morning. It seems that constant vigilance is necessary to
avoid diversion. I wonder if that is associated with the outcome of the book
The Luminous Nun
now blocked from publication by Keith due to the author repudiating the content of most of the chapters, and thereby her experience, as deception?
I guess this is all very instructive. I think it also indicates the manner by which that book was repudiated and, I want to say, where the truth lies in terms of falsity and deceitful witness and inauthenticity. And to me now it clearly resides within the intrusive identity seeking to repudiate genuine spiritual experience by claiming those things that they are not, as their own.
^So the issue of genuine spiritual experience, scattered through a life though it may be, is reliably identifiable by the absence of the feelings associated with being ensnared; any degree of being morose instead of merely confused; and the general lightness and the sense of light, that is, emotional lightness and the sensing of spiritual light through the third eye system, compared to its converse.
So that is the first issue. We would take your attention now rather higher
and contemplate the issue of your demise and the means by which the structure referred to yesterday may be realised within form and in permanent materials. At least as far as may be achieved without excessive expenditure, on the surface of this planet. By that we refer to stainless steel, as the high grade version of that material is capable of enduring for several centuries. That would be a suitable repository and method of rendering into 3- dimensions the ideas of enfoldment and containment associated with the information accumulated within a round of lives by any fragment and its relationship to the node of Dao-consciousness as a whole.
And so that circular structure representing the
node of Dao-conscousness
inflated with
and having inscribed
its form the deve
opmental st
ps by which that is achieved, being the accumulation of around a thousand lifetimes per fragment. The arrangement
a walk-in structure is suitable and allows a clearer appreciation that what is inside expands into what encloses it at full development.
The lo
ation of the sphere representing the
product is best located on a
and higher, to he
p indicate the transition becoming at that point from around 35
n the agape frequency scale to around 42 on that scale, which is, as described many times now, our pres
nt position.
And so within the 4-d
mensional space-time continuum of the surface of this planet, to have that as an obvious final condition is to more accurately map, within the set of expectations developed by most humans, that we come from a sequence of lives and we eventually
into the globular form in its enriched condition.
So that is a suitable description of the entire perhaps million year cycle.
The assigning of any such number is not particularly appropriate, as the entire structure is essentially outside of time. Nevertheless, to assign some time reference to development might bring a sense of the time period over which such development occurs, and we suggest
100,000 year figure as being quite sufficiently abstract for any person to accommodate into their understanding, because the million year figure is less meaningful.
And so from this point forwards, merely collect
the design together, ensure its location within the printed record and assign it a location within the product files in the electronic form so it can be located in due time. In the meantime there is no necessity to engage with it further. It comprises a future project and depending on decision
made by others, may be constructed in due course or not and within your lifetime or not, and neither result is of greater value than the other in the long term view.
And so the remediat
n of recent days in terms of the extra time spent either comatose or nearly so ;-) in the meditative state has served to render your availability into a restored condition of accessibility, hence our dialogue of today. It is perfectly true that the enveloping presence that you envisaged as if shrugging off was permitted by us as an educational experience and serves as a pertinent, relevant and timely reminder of the comp
ex nature, validity, true experience, its converse and the means by which such converse experience may be accumulated in identical manner.
The determination of that alternative
is a necessary
into understanding so as to remain c
ear about the sources of such su
den and radical changes in
any person insufficiently fixed in their acuity of awareness. And the procedures,
and practices by which to remain in a condition of continuous clarity and choice
into their preference for transparency, authenticity and association with the domains of light.
So this timely reminder, associated directly w
th the experience of the sudden reversal in the attitudes of the author of
is explicitly to be used as a teaching tool.
Periodic self-examination is t
e first necessity for remaining clear of such alternative input,
nviting though it may seem. Some of the experience contained within the corpus of records was inducted exactly to enable group participants to be clear about the depth of the invitation able to be made and effective with unstable persons. There is nothing new in this. It has been noted and recorded throughout every culture. No fear is necessary, because it is a simple choice based on knowledge and perception. It comprises a completely sufficient justification for all
at self-cleansing and integration at the lower mind level, prior to seeking communication in this fashion, exactly because unresolved issues within the psyche are the means by which such contrary invitations gain traction.
So the feeling of being clear of mind and of purpose is a necessary support and differentiating factor by which to establish
understanding in the first place, and then sustain that understanding in an ongoing manner.
ecause the domain has its inclinations and its temptations to the contrary input. And that is not wrong. And there is no necessity to make it wrong. Ther
is merely the invitation to know the difference. And by the time any individual acquires a preferen
e for standing on the side of the light, as it may be
, it is exactly because they have their personal experience of doing
e converse.
And so an identity seeking clarity, constancy o
purpose and pursuing high ideals, is necessarily educated into the
understanding of the realms in which those preferences and choice
continue to be made throughout their embodied existence. That is the basis on which all education of such things
inculcation into understanding by establishment procedure. And by that of course we refer to educational institutions of every kind.
It is unfortunate that fear contaminates almost every
on that topic. Fear is unnecessary and contaminates the understanding and is best dealt with by
interventions, as well as understanding the distinction between body-based fear of lack of survival through
intrepid adventure, or any other means short of torture or confinement.
The necessity to understand the distinction between the attributes of the physical form a
lower mind identity, and the a
tributes of spiritual identity and ongoing existence outside of time, are simple criteria by which to come to
clear understanding concerning what
to what domain.
So having
specified the means by which
any individual may be rendered into clarity concerning the path of their own life, it is then a matter of their choice in every moment as to the outcome. And no criticism is appropriate, because once clarity arrives concerning those choices, then it is the responsibility of the individual, not the educational institution, what the
does with that information.
(of prioritising a materialistic worldview)
whereby unless there is special
and special education, all such criteria are subsumed into idealism with the possibility of simple spiritual understanding banished, then that leaves the situation less clear for any would-be learner. And again, that is simple choice and on a timescal
of merely one thousand years, is of little consequence. Because the opportunities for every individual are played out
n the context of their choosing, being the language and culture
which they have el
cted to incarnate. Know
ng the probabilities therefore, every
may be left to their own devices in making such choices.
Present turmoil in relation to the rise of the
phenomenon merely enables a
spectrum of
to exercise such choices. They will ther
by acquire the experience they came for. There is nothing wrong. For more enlightened other
to similarly exercise their choice in brandishing th
sword of truth and justice and economic support, is entirely
for them. To expect every person to do so is naive. So again, there is nothing wrong.
Yet a person who is themselves uncertain concerning their true
and the transparency of their convictions may, with entire authenticity,
between one end of that continuum and the other. It is appropriate and necessary, depending upon their accumulated experience. And taking a multi-life framework of understanding, to experience the consequences of every variance of that multi-factorially determined
, is to come to understand with more clarity where their best choices lie.
With that, we end our commentary on life with Trump
He will soon be gone from it and much reflection will ensue. So there is nothing wrong.
For that segment of the population who see through such buffoonery and malice and selfish self-aggrandisement, it is a potent reminder of the values by which one can live and procreate and thereby come to understanding of life on this planet.