20151020 prc asinz faculty drawing_training others

20/10/2015 prc asinz faculty drawing_training others



I've just completed the first version of the ASinz faculty drawing on a 620x310 print frame size.

^And we would come on this occasion in order to make manifest our opinion as to the adequacy of the drawing. It is sufficient for its intention. It is adequate for its purpose. It need not be further developed because it is a highly simplified overview of the entire Ouroborus and we affirm at this time that the image of the snake eating its tail is an ancient image for the circular function represented within that drawing just mentioned.

And so this is not new information. This is an affirmation of the essential accuracy of old images and concepts given in ancient times, forgotten, resurrected, reinterpreted, misunderstood and now given again. So we come to you at this time in order to give the necessary encouragement, for your persistence grows weak as your body grows tired. Nevertheless the resting has been sufficient and we are now confident that the enthusiasm can be regenerated from this point forwards so as to come again into the fray, as it were.

The next thing, having completed that drawing is to participate further with the spoken form of the transmission. And we begin again on a different topic on this occasion in order to begin to formulate an extension to several matters.

Allow a few moments for overviews and contexts to arrive and we will speak with you again shortly. …

P Well, I've felt informed that we can commence again because the downloads have happened. I have nothing evident in my awareness, so we'll see. Feeling cold again.

^The issues to be addressed on this occasion are as follows: First, there is the capacity of the individual to penetrate, through their imagination, into the realm commonly understood to comprise the spiritual domain. It is easier if such an individual has a concept of a vast empty space within which to project their intention to observe or to create in their imagination whatever they may either find there or be shown there. That is the first essential context.

The second essential context is that it can be effectively visualised and intention can create whatever they may choose. Additionally, they can explore in that space and knowing that it is a vast and empty space, nevertheless they can be approached by either imagined or real identities operating and functional within that space.

That leaves the stimulus of fearful imagined objects and by that, the presence and degree of fear within their imagination can be determined. It is a significant, relevant and important process by which the particular category of fear entering into a mind, typically at a young age, and we speak of the lower mind of course, attributable and developed during the present incarnation, whereby such feared objects, identities or processes can be revealed through the imaginative capacity and triggered into the emotional level through a variety of stimuli.

It is so important to do this that significant resources are typically adopted and introduced into interchange with an individual at the beginning phases of their exploration of these spaces, exactly so as to identify, measure and then through various processes, reduce that fear. When that is done then the individual is more fit to embark on journeys within that space, either within their imagination or in the reality of their energetic self.

We come to clarify these things because the procedure of shamanic flight, which is another name for these processes, is an essential first step by which to enable any individual to see themselves as not confined to within the skin encapsulated ego, to use that phrase, or the boundaries of their body. The capacity to function in imaginal space is the necessary prerequisite before embarking into that space in reality.

And so a variety of exercises are typically provided to a participant facilitator so as to give some experiential grounding of the nature of the volume to be explored. It takes years for an ordinary person to begin to accumulate the necessary experience by which to thoughtlessly launch themselves into that space in reality, so as to act with persuasiveness, enthusiasm or any other condition appropriate to any moment.

And so this is in the form of specifications for an experiential training such as you have yourself participated in these many years. It will be brought more to your attention to formally undertake such trainings within the context of the expanded school, reaching into the minds and personalities of such enthusiasts as may be attracted towards you. That is sufficient for this day.

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