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24/05/2006 prcjlo model_focused flow


Prcjlo 20060524 Model - focussed flow Through Peter

^The reason for our arrival after a short delay was merely in order to accommodate the associated parties in the adjoining accommodation. In response to your request there was a message sent to encourage their settling into a quieter mode of activity by the departure of one of their members. This is one of the ways in which it is possible for us to optimise the conditions in which a working group such as you constitute proceeds in their endeavours. This technique was chosen over the alternative of increasing the effective acoustic isolation through the construction of an insulating membrane in the space between you and the adjacent accommodation, even though that was attempted by some of you.

The faculty we exercise on these occasions is that of will. The intention with which we do that has been thoroughly discussed. The outcome is the result present here this evening, of three individuals who are conjoined in their intention to create a space in which can be manifested our intentions.

This evening those intentions are to summarise again the model with which we are attempting to inscribe into your domain. However instead of repeating ourselves we wish to add another chapter to the discussion. We have so far discussed the energetic flow and the focus of that flow. We intend this evening to expand upon the capacity to focus that flow.

It is determined principally by the activator of the energy, as we have mentioned before. The means by which that is carried out is the subject for this short dissertation. It is necessary to invoke yet another metaphor by which to do that. We would that you would imagine a hypodermic syringe. Not the needle, but the plunger within a cylinder. That has the capacity to work with either compressible or incompressible liquids or gases, so as to either draw in or to expel from the enclosed volume, in such a way that the velocity of the liquid or gas is increased through the narrow aperture. The example of the bicycle pump is another visualisable metaphor enabling some people to experience, through their early play, the phenomena we are attempting to portray, which is the focussed intention, combined with high velocity.

Through this means, it is possible to imagine that some volume, and there is no limit on the volume which may be imagined for this purpose, some volume is contained, which contains an atmosphere of some kind. A fluid medium able to be accelerated through compression. Every person likely to encounter this information is familiar with one or the other of these two devices, and hence able to imagine the way in which a larger volume is confined and its effect increased through focus into a smaller diameter flow.

This is a useful metaphor for utilising by any individual, and we mean embodied or not, by which to direct the energy, which is the active component.

The effect of that focussed flow has many potential results. Given the proclivities of this group, it is simplest to imagine that as concentrating into a small defined volume the concentration of effect. This may also be imagined through utilising the idea of focussing a beam of light from a broad, diffuse beam or source, down to a tiny focus, such that the field strength, if that term may be employed, is enhanced many-fold. The intensity able to be employed simply by using that metaphor, permits alteration of structure in the physical domain. It is not possible for us to define that in any way, except to say that if a particular outcome is desired, often some alteration of structure in the physical domain is necessary to achieve, in order to obtain the required result. This is true no matter what the scale.

And so these metaphors for focussing and accelerating a flow or intensity of energy, often used with healing intent, is a simple means to first, understand that such a thing is possible, and second, to actually perform those functions of intensification of the energetic concentration so as to achieve a desired result.

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