20080731 prcjlogrb lifetask_group rescue

31/07/2008 prcjlogrb lifetask_group rescue


20080731 Lifetask_group rescue

Through Janet

I have someone with me (in spirit) who challenges us to reach beyond present time, by casting our minds back through past time to the recognition of no time, and the realm of eternal time, that is, the temporal zone of those who dwell in spirit.

^How regulated are your lives by this concept of time through the passage of your years, which take you on the cycle of birth through life to death. And how difficult it is to acquire the perspective necessary to see the paucity of time equivalent to each lifespan. The years pass slowly, and then the years pass with increasing speed, until one experiences the years again slowing, should one achieve a degree of longevity. What one achieves within the allocated time span can be measured in accordance with a worldly perspective, which bears little semblance to the plan outlined prior to incarnation. And this is the ultimate measure. And we would present with you the concept of life being terminated upon the completion of the established life tasks. And this is as it should be, for what other reason would one linger upon this plane, if not but to fulfil one’s incarnational agreements.

There are few upon this plane who have any conception of the nature of their incarnational agreement, and blessed are they who have some insight into their purpose.

P Can you please articulate the purpose of these three present?

^It would be ill-advised to be specific in terms which would be cognisable to you.

P Why?

^For the challenge is in the recognition of the achievement of some specified task which is identifiable through a joyous exuberance. And we would encourage each of you to examine your own pasts and identify those moments of pure joy you experienced when satisfaction was apparent to you. These experiences may be great or small, and the relevance on a worldly scale bears no relationship to their relevance as personal achievement of the life task.

We leave you to take time to contemplate your achievements thus far. And we leave you.

Through Janet

^… your thought processes, in that we have observed your tendencies to allow the mind to wander again into temporal zones, which obliterate the opportunities for interaction with those who surround you from the spirit realm. You have dedicated this time and space to interaction with those who come from the higher realms in order to assist your learning process in relation to your life tasks. We would that you intensify your focus and take best advantage of this opportunity which presents itself to you. Recognise the blessedness of your access to such benign involvement.

P May we dialogue with you?

^As you would.

P I would. I had an experience of seeming to draw back from my conscious awareness and with some kind of parallel awareness, to draw backwards from that to a seeming significant distance and to be in a very serene space and to be disassociated from the mundane mind. And I wondered if that was the quality of experience or manifestation that you have been referring to?

^That is the specific state that we would have each and every one of you experience.

P And time seemed to be inactive, somehow. Is this by act of will? The drawing back?

^It is the will of the higher consciousness, which we would not deem to be the active will of which you speak.

P It seemed to be discernible only as a state of being, not as a condition of mind. It’s hard to explain.

^The higher mind in a sense is a condition of being. Again, the terminology is interfering with your understanding of our intention. The mind to which you refer is that which activates the thought processes. The higher mind is itself the essence of being.

P Before that happened I seemed to feel that there was much more light present than before, more than attributable to merely candles, and I didn’t understand that.

^We have come in a multitude this night and we bring with us the light which you sense.

P It seems not physical.

^It is the light of knowing.

P (sighs in acknowledgement). … It seems very spacious (in this state of being)

^We come to you from a realm that knows no boundaries. We come to you from a realm uncontrolled by time or space. Of this you know in theory. Of this you cannot recognise, for you are bound by physical reality as you perceive it. We have come in multitudes this night to bestow upon you our ultimate love and blessings. And we leave you with a fullness of heart that will sustain you in the many and demanding activities which will involve your focus and attention during the forthcoming weeks, until you will again come together for nurturance and the sharing of spiritual love. There is much you can do for others in this upcoming time. We would instil you all with an abundance of loving energy, which we would have you distribute amongst those with whom you come in contact. And we leave you in peace.

R Thank you for that blessing.

P Indeed you do.

Through Peter

^…the mind, taking you to unfamiliar places and spaces in your mind, discouraging you from self-limitation, encouraging you to joyous acceptance. Expanding the sense of possibility, expanding the sense of knowing your own selves. These progressive developments are with one purpose, to engender the experience of inner loving nature; being in that state of love; being in love, not out of love, not professing love; not seeking love, but sourcing love from inside one’s core.

This open-hearted domain is its own true source of pleasure, wholeness and completeness. We celebrate with you again the attainment of these conditions.

Through Peter

^We have a very particular task that we would ask of you.

J Please articulate that task?

^Please take this moment to join your hands together, for we have a particular and significant (task).

Find yourselves circumscribed in a dark place. Look for those around you. Feel their location. Their identity is unimportant. Sense their closeness around you. Wield them into the space where you are. Invite them with the envelopment of your loving heart. Sense numbers. Many individuals clustered together now, intangible, yet perceptible, inwardly focussed, self-absorbed, oblivious to their external circumstances, lost in their own darkness.

Now, extend your reach all around you, and move up together, carrying with you all that you may. Many! Rise up to the clear light. …

J Before you said that, I had seen, (envisaged, imagined) an entity on either side of Richard, and each of them had a hand on your shoulder, and it transpired that they were your parents. Then when Peter spoke, I perceived my own parents to be with me, and when you had us do that task, I perceived a multitude of my family who have departed this earth gathering together behind me. And the message was they represented my past, but something like being collectivisation of the present being. But their purpose was to give strength, and they seemed to move towards the centre of the circle and were replaced by these other entities whom we were able to take with us upward as requested, and once in the light they were able to break free and drift backwards. That was my impression. What was your impression, Richard?

R That was wonderful, Janet, thank you for that. Before you spoke this time, I suddenly had this impression that there was somebody with me, and it was a stronger impression than I’ve had before. And my head turned involuntarily towards you.

P Strange, that, isn’t it.

R Yeah, it hasn’t happened to me before. then there was a pause and nothing happened, and I thought maybe I’ve got it wrong, but my head wouldn’t come back.

P (laughs) Yes! That’s the one!

R And when you finished talking it came back. I was off on a tangent there somewhere, then you started again, and then we joined hands and I certainly was able to be in a dark place, and saw all these many, many figures, all crouched down, hunched down like that (demonstrates) all around. Suddenly, when the instruction was to rise up, there was this bright light! All around, and it was so bright quite quickly, then there was a rising up. Then quite quickly it got dark again, and I thought “oh, it’s strange, it’s got to be light again!, come back!” But shortly afterwards it was explained that they’d gone.

J Mm. It was interesting the timing, because when you said they’d gone I’d felt them fall back. It actually makes you think there must be something in it, Richard, that it’s not all crap, because sometimes the timing just seems right, eh?

P Oh, ye of little faith!

R That was quite different.

J Yes, very strong feelings tonight, very strong energies around.

R And the blessing that you transmitted, Janet, and the similar loving blessing from you (P), both times I did feel lighter and nurtured.

[extensive further discussion & mutual corroborations not transcribed. Effusive thanks expressed by all during subsequent healing]. A special night !!

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