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My question was "what does it mean that Duane and Michelle are reading Barbara Brennan's books and Chapter 1 of the transpersonal psychology text that I sent ex academia.com?
^This a necessary transition towards understanding based on validation of respectability of the topic. This outpost in the south Pacific is too remote from the centres of change in world affairs. It can only be understood within the context of a long term pattern of change, usually identified as a transition of belief-sets
or paradigm shift
. And the manifesto produced by the set of academics in America interested in validating spirituality is continuing to produce results in driving that change through academia. The transition will take another one hundred years or so until the topic area is reinstated into a very different form than existed prior to the Enlightenment in Europe.
A population in each country is becoming exposed to the cross-cultural and interlingual effort to bring present into academic discourse, a way in which these phenomena can be recognised as containing truthfulness. This minor outpost in the South Pacific will play its small part.
The validation thereby enabled for the woman Michelle's perceptivity and consequent perceptions will have far-reaching consequences within that family. It provides another opportunity by which this particular record-set can be enabled in its ongoing existence and support. It is in fact merely one of many initiatives. It has taken over your life because you wanted that. Its contribution will be minor in the greater scheme of things and yet will form part of the enduring pattern of the re-emergence of a sympathetic attitude towards mysticism and its product, knowledge of survival of the body.
That is all that is necessary because once any person becomes aware of and willing to accommodate within themselves the understanding that this present life is part of an ongoing pattern in incarnation, then they become free of the fear of death and dying. That is the long term aim and you are contributing to it according to your life plan.
This turning point for that family comprising your nephew, partner Michelle and children will create and provide support for a variety of individuals that they encounter. His transition into a health-related organisation ACC is almost certain at this point and will provide an opportunity potentially to influence the social-psychological-spiritual model of healthcare. That has significant potential and can result in support for many individuals which would not have happened otherwise.
Oh well goodness me. How very interesting!